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    (San Bernardino, CA) The Inland Empire Diversity Career & Job Fair brings together about 40 businesses and hundreds of job seekers.
    2007 events include: High Desert Diversity Career and Job Fair in Victorville Wednesday-March 14, 2007 at the Ambassador Hotel in Victorville and Wednesday-September 19, 2007 at the San Bernardino Airport. The Inland Empire Diversity Career and Job Fair is in San Bernardino –Wednesday-April 4, 2007 at The San Bernardino Airport and Wednesday-September 5, 2007 at The San Bernardino Airport.
    Past employers searching for capable area talent include San Bernardino County, Union Pacific Railroad, Colton Unified, Chaffey Joint Union and Rialto Unified school districts, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, Temps Plus, Inc. the United States Army, the United States Navy, the University of Phoenix, 909models.com and more.
    But, who are the attendees? Who are the people looking to work in the Inland Empire instead of slugging their way to Orange or Los Angeles County?
    From past fairs, organizers know that among teens, one-third are Hispanic, one-third are African American and one-fourth are white. About half are searching for career changes, another 23 percent are already working part time and at least 16 percent are scouting for their first job. More than half, 54 percent, are female with the rest, obviously, male.
    Numbers change, however, with people in their 20s. Males will comprise 55 percent and females the remaining 45 percent. Around 40 percent are working full time, 25 percent are part timers, 9 percent are looking to switch positions and as many as 45 percent are currently unemployed.
    Attendees in their 30s and 40s have a slightly different makeup, with approximately one-third each African American, Hispanic and white. Up to 60 percent are looking to change jobs, 25 percent are employed part time while only 15 percent are working full time. About 70 percent are female and the rest are male.
    Among older job seekers, those from 50-70, the figures are radically different. That is, half are white, a quarter are African American and just 8 percent are Hispanic. As many as 60 percent of the seniors are employed part time, just 20 percent are working full time and 15 percent are unemployed but looking to change that situation through the Diversity Job Fair. Males make up 63 percent and females the remaining 37 percent .
    What’s it all mean? To organizers it’s simple: People of all ages, races, and backgrounds want jobs. And the Inland Empire Career Diversity & Job Fair is there to help. The producer, Carl Dameron of Dameron Communications, puts it this way: “Our goal is to put together those who want work and those who want workers. Too often, employers assume minorities won’t fit in or won’t be interested in their companies. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    “The hundreds of people coming to our previous Job Fairs each year are proof of that. Remember, the unemployment rate for Blacks and Hispanics is three times greater than for whites, and the Job Fairs can remedy that on the spot.”
    The Inland Empire Diversity Career & Job fair is sponsored by: San Bernardino County, the Inland Empire and Victor Valley African American Chambers of Commerce, 99.9 KOLA Radio, X-103.9, NAUA, 909Models.com, Hispanic Connect, The Black Voice News, Precinct Reporter, WestSide Story and El Chicano, plus Dameron Communications.
    For details, call Dameron Communications at (909) 888-0017.

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