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    Educators Say “Education Is A Civil Right”

    Suzy and Craig Aguillard

    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) The Rialto Alliance of Black School Educators (RABSE) tackles a pressing issue in education during its first annual Spring Conference and Educational Luncheon from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., Saturday, April 11.

    The conference’s theme is “Education is a Civil Right.” The event, sponsored by the University of Redlands, will be held on campus at Orton Center, 1200 E. Colton Ave. in Redlands.

    “One of the goals of the conference is to inform both educators and parents how to better prepare their children for school, college and life.” said Craig Aguillard, a member of RABSE.

    Aguillard, and his wife Suzy, are founders of ACQUIRE Educational Services, Inc., a company that provides tutorial services for adults and students. “We want to make sure African American students, and other students of color, receive an adequate education.” Aguillard said.

    The keynote speaker is Dr. Charlie Mae Knight, an educator and civil rights activist. Knight’s more than 40-year career includes spells as president of the National Alliance of Black School Educators, associate superintendent of the California Department of Education, superintendent of Lynwood Unified School District and superintendent of Ravenswood City School District.

    The opening speaker is Dr. Lawson Bush, director of the University of California, Irvine/Cal State University, Los Angeles Joint Doctoral Program. Bush is the author of Can Black Mothers Raise Our Sons.

    Bush has also worked as a school principal and conducted research into African American education history. He is the founder of Imani Saturday Academy, a program that provides K-12 students with instruction in math/science, Language Arts, African history and martial arts.

    Conference registration is $40 per person. Checks can be mailed to 6331 Haven Ave., Suite 13, Mailbox 187, Alta Loma, CA 81737. For more information e-mail Rabse@gmail.com

    ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. operates its ACQUIRE Learning Center at 1188 W. Leiske Avenue, Ste. 100 in Rialto. ACQUIRE Educational Services can also work with students in their homes. For more information, call (909) 875-3356 or visit www.Acquire3.net.


    100 Minority-Owned Businesses Expected at Weekend Expo

    ACQUIRE Learning Center will host the Minority Business Expo in its 9,000 square foot ballroom on Saturday, March 14.
    (RIALTO, Calif.) – Set your calendars! Consumers will have an opportunity to shop for goods and services offered by the region’s diverse ethnically-owned businesses at the Inland Empire Minority Business Expo.

    The Expo will be held on Saturday, March 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Rialto Events Center located at 1188 W. Leiske Dr., Rialto. The Expo will feature displays and merchandise offered by more than 100 minority-owned businesses from throughout the Inland Empire. The event will also host a teen fashion show.

    The Rialto Events Center encompasses a 9,000 square foot ballroom where the Expo will take place. It’s one of several rooms available for events.

    “There have been successful Black, Hispanic and Asian expos in Los Angeles for more than a decade,” said Carl Dameron, founder and creative director of Dameron Communications. “Now, with this great location in Rialto, we are bringing the idea to the Inland Empire, only ours will bring together enterprises from ALL minorities in our ethnically diverse Inland Empire.”

    ACQUIRE Educational Services, Inc., Dameron Communications and the Cultural Alliance are sponsoring this event. Admission is free.

    The Cultural Alliance is an informal alliance of all ethnic chambers of commerce in the Inland Empire, coming together for the common cause of improving relationships, business and our economic base.
    Businesses owned by all races, ethnicities and genders can purchase 10 x 10 booths at the Expo for $125 each. The Expo will be attended by several hundred seeking your goods and services.

    “This expo is an excellent opportunity for ethnically-owned businesses,” said Dolores Armstead vice president of the Inland Empire African-American Chamber of Commerce. Many people want to support these businesses, but don’t know they are out there. I urge all minority enterprises to register for this fantastic opportunity to showcase your business.”

    “The Inland Empire has a rich diversity of businesses,” she added. “But often, we don’t know each other, when we should be working together to support each others’ business endeavors.

    Dameron Communications is a Black-owned business that has successfully marketed its clients to an ethnically diverse customer base for almost 20 years. ACQUIRE Educational Services, Inc. is a Black- and Asian-owned business, offering its building for private parties and business functions.

    “We are proud to host the Minority Business Expo at our new Rialto Events Center,” said Suzy Aguillard. ”It is an exciting opportunity for participants to learn more about and support all the great businesses owned by minorities in the Inland Empire.”

    The Rialto Events Center ballroom can hold up to 600 people for a banquet or party, and up to 1,500 for a concert or presentation. It also has meeting rooms available for groups as small as 10 people, or as large as 100. For leasing information, call (909) 875-3356.

    To learn more about the Inland Empire Minority Business Expo, or to find out the many ways Dameron Communications can help you market your business, call Sabrina Martinez at (909) 888-0017.


    ACQUIRE Learning Center new host of Inland Empire African American Chamber mixers

    Suzy and Craig Aguillard

    (RIALTO, Calif.) ACQUIRE Learning Center, 1188 West Leiske Drive in Rialto, is the new host of the monthly Inland Empire African-American Chamber of Commerce mixers.

    The Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce will host a Grand Opening at ACQUIRE Learning Center on Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 5:30 p.m. It will serve refreshments and ACQUIRE Learning Center owners Craig and Suzy Aguillard will offer tours of their building, in which they offer tutoring programs for children in kindergarten through high school.

    “We are pleased to offer our ACQUIRE Learning Center to the Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce for its monthly mixers,” Craig Aguillard said. “As a community-owned business we look forward to contributing to helping others in this way. We also are excited to be able to show them how ACQUIRE Learning Center is helping our area’s children to succeed, by providing quality supplemental education, after school tutoring in English language arts, math, science and critical thinking.”

    The Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce previously held its mixers in the conference room of Dameron Communications, which provides public relations for ACQUIRE Learning Center. But Dameron Communications has recently relocated and no longer has a large conference room where it held the mixers.

    “We have enjoyed the past year at Dameron Communications, which is unfortunately no longer available,” said Dolores Armstead, vice president of the Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce. “We look forward to our new mixers at the ACQUIRE Learning Center, which is more centrally located for members in Riverside, the West Valley and San Bernardino.”

    ACQUIRE Learning Center is located at 1188 West Leiske Drive, Ste. 100 in Rialto, 92376. For more information, call (909) 875-3356 or visit www.Acquire3.net.


    Acquire A Better Education with Acquire

    Suzy and Craig Aguillard with Edna Davis-Herring superintendent of Rialto Unified School District. Craig Aguillard graduated from Rialto High School, where Davis-Herring was then principal. The Aguillards operate their Acquire Learning Center in Rialto. Photo by Chris Sloan.

    (RIALTO, Calif.) It’s that time of year again.

    Kids are going back to school and homework and book reports are fast approaching. But help is on the way for the Inland Empire. ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. has opened a new learning center in Rialto to assist students with the challenging demands that come with a new school year.
    “We created ACQUIRE Educational Services to not only help students be successful in school, but also to help parents ensure that their students are prepared for graduation and, later, college,” said President and Founder Craig Aguillard.

    Aguillard and his wife Suzy founded ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. in 2001. Three years later they relocated from Los Angeles to the Inland Empire.

    “Since then, ACQUIRE Educational Services. has become a leader in educational support and advancement by providing one-on-one and group tutoring assistance, either in-home or at the ACQUIRE Learning Center,” Craig Aguillard said. “ACQUIRE specializes in preparing students in grades K-12 to excel in mathematics, English language arts, science, test preparation and critical thinking.”

    ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc.’s programs start by assessing each student on an individual basis. All assessments reflect state standardized tests in style, format and content, based on California state content standards. ACQUIRE then tailors a program to each student’s needs by focusing on known areas of weakness.

    Parents come in to discuss students’ needs with the ACQUIRE tutors. They also discuss the anticipated length of tutoring services and gain tips on how to foster education in the home.

    “ACQUIRE Educational Services is dedicated to helping students reach proficient levels of education. Once met, ACQUIRE begins to advance each student by introducing them to the more demanding courses they will see in college,” Aguillard explained. “We bring them up to where they are supposed to be, and then we advance them from there. Our whole goal is to prepare students to go to college.”

    For instance, high school students might come to ACQUIRE Educational Services because they are struggling with algebra, a skill they need to master in order to pass the California High School Exit Exam. But once the students learn how to do algebra, ACQUIRE will help them as they move on to calculus, a skill they need in order to excel in college.

    In June of this year, the California Department of Education recognized and approved ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. as a Supplemental Educational Services Provider.
    With this new title, ACQUIRE is able to offer its services free of charge in the Rialto, San Bernardino City, Colton, Fontana and Upland school districts.

    A provision of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 allows parents to select a qualified Supplemental Educational Services Provider if the school has been designated as a Title 1 Program Improvement School.
    For students who don’t meet the requirements of the Supplemental Educational Services Provider, ACQUIRE offers affordable options to parents.

    “We are here to provide today’s youth and adults an opportunity for success through high quality educational programs, career awareness and independent living skills that will empower them to be a part of today’s highly technological work force,” Craig Aguillard said. “Our mission is to help people reach their highest potential by providing the finest supplemental education.”

    In addition to working with youth, ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. also aids adults by providing computer training, English as a Second Language and job and life skills.

    The Aguillards have more than 17 years of experience in the educational field, helping to prepare urban students to become college ready. Craig Aguillard is a former math and science teacher, and his wife taught music and art.

    ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. operates its ACQUIRE Learning Center at 1188 West Leiske Drive, Suite 100 in Rialto. For more information, call (909) 875-3356 or visit www.Acquire3.net.


    Learn how to help children succeed on Voice of the Inland Empire

    Suzy and Craig Aguillard, owners of ACQUIRE Educational Services, Inc., were recent guests on the Voice of the Inland Empire. Their interview will be available for view soon at www.voiceoftheinlandempire.com
    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) Craig and Suzy Aguillard, owners of ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc., appeared recently on Ron Stark’s Voice of the Inland Empire.

    The interview will soon appear on the program’s Website, www.voiceoftheinlandempire.com.
    Featured guest for this interview is Rebecca Bloomfield, press secretary for 59th District Assemblyman Anthony Adams.

    The Aguillards discussed some of the educational services offered at the ACQUIRE Learning Center. These services are provided to students in grades K-12, and are designed to help them excel in mathematics, English language arts, science, test preparation and critical thinking.

    “To find out more about how we help students succeed, watch our interview on Voice of the Inland Empire,” Craig Aguillard said. “You can also call (909) 875-3356, visit us on the Web at www.Acquire3.net or visit our Learning Center at 1188 West Leiske Drive in Rialto.”

    Voice of the Inland Empire is a long-running radio and Internet show, recently expanded to Cable TV in several cities. The radio and television versions of this show aired in early September.

    The ACQUIRE Learning Center is located at 1188 West Leiske Avenue, Ste. 100 in Rialto. For more information, call (909) 875-3356 or visit www.Acquire3.net.


    Experts address future leaders

    Black Future Leaders Board Member Marion Black, Acquire Educational Services owners Suzy and Craig Aguillard, Rialto Unified School District Superintendent Edna Herring (a mentor of Craig Aguillard) and Black Future Leaders Board Member Lois Carlson. Craig Aguillard was a guest speaker to the Black Future Leaders Class of 2008 on Saturday, Aug. 16.
    Craig Aguillard (back, left) with Rialto Unified School District Superintendent Edna Herring and her daughter Ariana (front, right) and Black Future Leaders Class of 2008 members: (Back row: Pascal Sodermann, Brittani Ojogho, Daniele Smart, Front row: Valerie Sharp, Dominique Mackey, Montoya Washington. Aguillard was a guest speaker to these students and others in Black Future Leaders Inc. on Saturday, Aug. 16.
    Guest speaker Craig Aguillard speakers to members of Black Future Leaders Inc. on Saturday, Aug. 16.

    (San Bernardino, Calif.) Craig Aguillard, president and founder of ACQUIRE Educational Services in Rialto, California joined Edna Herring, superintendent of Rialto Unified School District and other Black notable educators, local politicians and business leaders to address the 2008 class of Black Future Leaders Inc. at California State University San Bernardino’s Chaparral Hall on Saturday, August 16th.

    Black Future Leaders Inc., is a leadership development program for high school achievers created 22 years ago from an idea of Dr. Jean Peacock, now a professor at California State University San Bernardino. With the assistance of community members and present board members Lois J. Carson and Marion Black, a model program was developed which is still in use. “Black Future Leaders’ mission is academic excellence through leadership training,” says Carson.

    Students must have a 3.0 grade point average or better, and take college preparatory classes and show a serious commitment to achievement and becoming successful and more productive in their community. Each year students are encouraged to enroll in the program while in the ninth grade and to remain until graduation. The students come from schools across the Inland Empire.

    Craig Aguillard spoke to an elite group of 25 high school students who were part of the class of 2008 Black Future Leaders’ Summer Resident Component hosted by California State University San Bernardino. Aguillard’s theme was “change and empowerment,” based on the exciting events of this year, stressing the value of education and the importance of becoming successful leaders within the community.

    Aguillard shared his experiences as a student attending schools within the Rialto Unified School District: Myers Elementary, Frisbie Middle School and Eisenhower High School where he met his mentor, Edna Herring, who was then acting Principal. When faced with the decision of making the right career choice for his future, Aguillard attributes his success to the importance of a solid academic background instilled by his parents and mentors.

    Aguillard was raised in a two-parent home, with both attending Southern University, an historical Black college in Louisiana. Their support and high expectations of academic excellence were instrumental to his success in business and his career path.

    Aguillard went on to attend California State University at Northridge majoring in Computer Engineering, however his passion to help others led him to change his major and he successfully obtained his B. S. in Sociology. “ Educating students is my heart’s desire, ” says Aguillard. While at Cal State Northridge, he became a college recruiter and went on to receive his Master’s Degree in School Administration in Education at Loyola Marymount University.

    While working with the Inglewood Unified School District, Aguillard collaborated with a colleague to create the “Summer Academy,” a program developed to promote empowerment and continuous academic success. Aguillard says, “The Summer Academy was created based on a need for us (African American students) to be on the same level as other students who were excelling in school.”

    Aguillard illustrated key points on being successful and always pursuing your passion and dreams as elements contained in his philosophy on entrepreneurship to the group of attentive high school students. “Find out what it is that you want to do in your life and allow your passion to drive you,” says Aguillard. “Helping somebody along the way to your success is the best way to keep the door of hope and opportunity open for the next generation to come.”

    About ACQUIRE Educational Services
    Craig Aguillard and wife Suzy Aguillard are the owners of ACQUIRE Educational Services in Rialto. They provide tutorial services designed to supplement regular school day programs in mathematics, English language arts, computer skills and English as a second language. ACQUIRE Educational Services is a California authorized Supplemental Education Service provider servicing Rialto, Fontana, San Bernardino, Colton and Upland unified school districts. ACQUIRE Educational Services provides free tutoring and instruction to those who qualify. Their office is located at 1188 West Leiske Dr., Suite 100, Rialto, CA, 92376. For more information contact ACQUIRE Learning Center at (909) 875-3356 or visit their website at www.Acquire3.net.