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    Acquire A Better Education with Acquire

    Suzy and Craig Aguillard with Edna Davis-Herring superintendent of Rialto Unified School District. Craig Aguillard graduated from Rialto High School, where Davis-Herring was then principal. The Aguillards operate their Acquire Learning Center in Rialto. Photo by Chris Sloan.

    (RIALTO, Calif.) It’s that time of year again.

    Kids are going back to school and homework and book reports are fast approaching. But help is on the way for the Inland Empire. ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. has opened a new learning center in Rialto to assist students with the challenging demands that come with a new school year.
    “We created ACQUIRE Educational Services to not only help students be successful in school, but also to help parents ensure that their students are prepared for graduation and, later, college,” said President and Founder Craig Aguillard.

    Aguillard and his wife Suzy founded ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. in 2001. Three years later they relocated from Los Angeles to the Inland Empire.

    “Since then, ACQUIRE Educational Services. has become a leader in educational support and advancement by providing one-on-one and group tutoring assistance, either in-home or at the ACQUIRE Learning Center,” Craig Aguillard said. “ACQUIRE specializes in preparing students in grades K-12 to excel in mathematics, English language arts, science, test preparation and critical thinking.”

    ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc.’s programs start by assessing each student on an individual basis. All assessments reflect state standardized tests in style, format and content, based on California state content standards. ACQUIRE then tailors a program to each student’s needs by focusing on known areas of weakness.

    Parents come in to discuss students’ needs with the ACQUIRE tutors. They also discuss the anticipated length of tutoring services and gain tips on how to foster education in the home.

    “ACQUIRE Educational Services is dedicated to helping students reach proficient levels of education. Once met, ACQUIRE begins to advance each student by introducing them to the more demanding courses they will see in college,” Aguillard explained. “We bring them up to where they are supposed to be, and then we advance them from there. Our whole goal is to prepare students to go to college.”

    For instance, high school students might come to ACQUIRE Educational Services because they are struggling with algebra, a skill they need to master in order to pass the California High School Exit Exam. But once the students learn how to do algebra, ACQUIRE will help them as they move on to calculus, a skill they need in order to excel in college.

    In June of this year, the California Department of Education recognized and approved ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. as a Supplemental Educational Services Provider.
    With this new title, ACQUIRE is able to offer its services free of charge in the Rialto, San Bernardino City, Colton, Fontana and Upland school districts.

    A provision of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 allows parents to select a qualified Supplemental Educational Services Provider if the school has been designated as a Title 1 Program Improvement School.
    For students who don’t meet the requirements of the Supplemental Educational Services Provider, ACQUIRE offers affordable options to parents.

    “We are here to provide today’s youth and adults an opportunity for success through high quality educational programs, career awareness and independent living skills that will empower them to be a part of today’s highly technological work force,” Craig Aguillard said. “Our mission is to help people reach their highest potential by providing the finest supplemental education.”

    In addition to working with youth, ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. also aids adults by providing computer training, English as a Second Language and job and life skills.

    The Aguillards have more than 17 years of experience in the educational field, helping to prepare urban students to become college ready. Craig Aguillard is a former math and science teacher, and his wife taught music and art.

    ACQUIRE Educational Services Inc. operates its ACQUIRE Learning Center at 1188 West Leiske Drive, Suite 100 in Rialto. For more information, call (909) 875-3356 or visit www.Acquire3.net.


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