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    At Dameron Communications, you receive a FREE one-hour consultation.  Why? Because we know that the most important part of our business is understanding your needs. We listen to your wants and desires, and then we use the following skills to develop an effective advertising and public relations plan:

    Budget Analysis

    Many businesses spend their ad dollars randomly, without a budget or plan. We help you develop your advertising budget based on market conditions and your business needs. Your budget will be designed to reach the maximum number of buyers who want and need your product and/or service.


    To create an effective marketing strategy, we pool our experience and our knowledge of media, along with the client’s unique understanding of their product to develop the most efficient strategies. Then we make sure that the numbers justify the approach we take. Before we begin your ad campaign, the important research we do will identify:

    • Your target market
    • Your target market habits, likes and dislikes
    • What is your present image is
    • What do you want your image to be
    • What your image should be
    • The best media combination to reach your target market
    • Just who the real competition is
    • What you offer that the competition does not
    • What the competition offers that you don’t

    Applied Research

      • Market Research
      • Political Research
      • Survey Research (exploratory, confirmatory, causal-modeling)
      • Focus Group Research

    Ad Development

    We take the information obtained through our research and develop an effective campaign theme to reach your target market, making sure that the theme translates well into the different media to obtain your target market’s attention and make the right impression.

    Media Planning and Placement

    We select the most effective media and negotiate the best rates to give your message maximum impact. Dameron Communications has relationships with many of the area’s media sources, providing you with the inside track on new opportunities, and multi-client price breaks that allow us to place your ads at the lowest possible prices.

    Ad Sourcing

    We use proven techniques to measure ad effectiveness, pinpointing where new customers come from, and then we utilize this information to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

    Public Relations

    Public Relations is often the most neglected part of a company’s marketing efforts. At Dameron Communications, we use relationships with your community, and the local media to publish stories about you and your brand.

    We use networking to develop your staff’s image in the business community; event planning to attract new consumers; customer service seminars to ensure that your staff keeps your customers; promotional items to keep your name in front of your customers and; press conferences to inform the media and your customers of your major product developments.

    Essentially, our Public Relations department develops strategies that enhance the positive image of our clients’ businesses and that image increases sales.

    Our Public Relations department can get coverage for your stories!

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