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    Tired of those 3-4 hours a day commutes to and from work down below? “Who isn’t?” asks Carl Dameron, head of the Inland Empire Diversity Career and Job Fair. “We should be spending that valuable time with our families, our communities, not slugging through tens of thousands of other cars every morning and evening. Leaving at six or seven and getting home at seven or eight. What a waste of time and energy.”
    It’s that goal that drives San Bernardino’s Dameron Communications to do all possible to get the word out about terrific job opportunities in the Inland Empire, utilizing radio, on line media and print..
    Five days a week, at 4:55 a.m., KOLA-FM, 99.9, announces three of the best local job opportunities with descriptions, salaries and application details selected from the best of more than 250,000 area listings. “The whole idea,” Dameron says, “is to help commuters find jobs closer to home.”
    On line, employers and potential employees can just go to www.iejob.com for listings and links to positions in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. And CalJobs shows statewide positions for people ready for a career relocation. Employees may post their resumes for companies and departments to review, or simply apply for an appropriate opening. And it’s all free to both employers and employees.
    In print, let’s say you’re an employer looking for local workers. Dameron Communications has arranged the simplest way to buy announcement ads in area minority publications. All you have to do is call them at 909/888-0017 and your ads will appear in Black Voice News, Precinct Reporter, West Side Story, Inland Valley Daily News, La Prensa, El Chicano and Hispanic News.
    There’s more job opportunities, too. The Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce, the coordinator and sponsor of the Inland Empire Diversity Career and Job Fair, with Dameron Communications, presents fall and spring job fairs where as many as a hundred employers send recruiters to welcome the thousands of attendees searching for area positions. They’ll sit with people and discuss their experiences and career desires, review resumes and see if there’s a possible “fit” within their operation.
    For instance, the area’s 62nd Assembly District member, Wilmer Carter, is sponsoring a U.S. Department of Forestry job fair July 28 at the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club, 1180 West 9th Street. The Forestry department has 3,000 immediate openings in positions from offices to outdoors. Then on July 30 the Boys & Girls club will be the site for a Law Enforcement and Firefighters Job Fair. Again, it’s all free.
    As Dameron puts it, “The Inland Empire is loaded with job openings, while thousands and thousands of area residents either yearn to stop all that time-consuming and expensive driving or just want to stay closer to home to devote time to family and friends. Listen to our radio spots, check our on line listings or read the ads in the minority media. Thousands of jobs are awaiting the most interested and aggressive employees.”

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