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    (HESPERIA, Calif.) “A mammogram just takes a few minutes,” says LaSalle Medical Associates Inc. Medical Director, Dr. Cheryl Emoto, at LaSalle’s Hesperia clinic (16455 Main St.). “But it is so important for women, especially, to have annual exams for those over 40. And for younger women, too, if they notice a breast lump or have concerns.”

    Many women, Emoto points out, are apprehensive about having mammograms, so her goal is to make the exams as unintimidating as possible. She says, “We want our patients to come to LaSalle where they’re familiar with the relaxed facility and the personal staff.”

    So, to do that, LaSalle has contracted with Inner Images, bringing mobile mammogram equipment directly to LaSalle’s Hesperia clinic one day a month. The program began in late January and was overwhelmingly received, the 20-year veteran with LaSalle explains. “Women have really responded to the program. We look forward to helping our patients find beginning signs of breast cancer so that we can treat it early,” said Dr. Emoto.

    After the mammogram is taken, in about two weeks, patients are notified of the results. Should the tests indicate anything at all out of the ordinary, patients are brought in for consultation and possible further tests or even recommendations of specialists.

    Mammograms have been shown to lower the risk of dying from breast cancer by 35 percent in women over the age of 50; and studies suggest for women, even between 40 and 50, mammograms may lower the risk of dying from breast cancer by up to 35 percent.

    And they take just 10 minutes out of the day.

    Prior appointments are recommended. Most insurances cover mammograms with prior authorization, and for women without insurance there are programs that patients may qualify for – providing low cost or no cost mammograms. Don’t let the lack of medical insurance stop you from getting your mammogram.

    For an appointment, call the office at (760) 947-2161.

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