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    Law School Expands in San Bernardino

    Stephan Cutler, dean of the School of Criminal Justice & Public Policy for American Heritage University, gives remarks at the school’s grand opening at 255 N D Street. Also on the stage with Cutler are Robin De-Ivy Allen, keynote speaker for the grand opening, and American Heritage University’s management team: Registrar Margaret Espinosa, Law School Dean Pamela Gressier, Chief Academic Officer Jay Deb and President Tony Ogiamien.

    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) Aspiring and other professionals have new opportunities to earn their degree, with the expansion of American Heritage University into its new quarters at 255 North D Street, Suite 403.

    “A law school! Right here in San Bernardino County! I am excited about this,” said Robin De-Ivy Allen, one of the guests at American Heritage University’s Grand Opening ceremony, held Tuesday, June 24.

    De-Ivy Allen was the motivational speaker for the Grand Opening, but other guests shared the enthusiasm. Many agreed, the Juris Doctorate and other programs American Heritage now offers in downtown San Bernardino will motivate many people to pursue higher education.

    President Tony Ogiamien noted that since American Heritage University moved into its new building, its enrollment has grown significantly. Many men and women work in the courthouse and other professional buildings nearby, and noticed the sign outside the building.

    “This is a great new location for us,” he said.

    The 255 North D Street address is also considerably larger than its old offices a few miles away. With the expansion, American Heritage University moves from a purely online school to a hybrid program, offering students a choice of online or in-class instruction.

    “If you have not completed your degree, you have a new opportunity to do so here at American Heritage University,” Ogiamien said. “Our instructors are seasoned professionals.”

    “But you do not have to sit in a classroom,” he said. “We also have quality online instruction.”
    Undergraduate degree programs at AHU are designed to allow students to proceed at their own pace. They also are specifically tailored for students who started a degree elsewhere, but left college before graduating.

    They are required to complete a minimum of two courses per session, and must finish their undergraduate program within two years. Undergraduate students must have already completed 60 units.

    The postgraduate work must be completed within one year. The Juris Doctorate degree is a four-year program for those seeking California State Bar eligibility.

    The School of Law offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Law and the Juris Doctorate. Courses cover such subjects as contracts, criminal law, criminal procedure, legal writing, torts, Constitutional law, civil procedure and real property law.

    American Heritage University also offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration, film studies, social studies and computer information systems, master’s degrees in business administration, public policy and computer information systems and a doctorate degree in business administration. It offers certificates for nursing assistants and English as a foreign language.

    American Heritage University has been granted full approval to operate by the California State Bureau for Postsecondary and Vocational Education.
    For more information, call (909) 888-0321.


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