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    Mary Cooksey

    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) Mary Jayne Cooksey joined Dameron Communications as one of its youngest interns.
    “It’s a pleasure to have Mary working for Dameron Communications. She brings a youthful insight to projects. She is a hardworking young woman and I’m sure she will go far in the Public Relations field, “said Carl Dameron, president of Dameron Communications.
    Cooksey is a third year student at California State University, San Bernardino. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing and Public Relations. At the age of 20, Cooksey has decided to get an early start on her career experience.
    “Dameron Communications, being one of the Inland Empire’s leading public relations and advertising firms, it’s common sense to want to intern here. Interning at Dameron Communications has been an excellent opportunity to participate in Public Relations related activities, it has allowed me to come in contact with some very accomplished individuals and get a real feel of what it is I want to do once I graduate from college,” said Cooksey.
    As the first in her family to attend college, Cooksey decided to go away for school to experience college life away from home. She attended Humboldt State University in the fall of 2005. After a year and a half at HSU, Cooksey transferred to California State University, San Bernardino. “The campus at Humboldt State was gorgeous and the classes taught me a lot about myself, however, after some thought I came to the decision to transfer. CSUSB was always my first choice, I love the way the communications program is organized and the way the faculty treats their students,” said Cooksey.
    Cooksey has always enjoyed writing. At Azusa High School she was the school’s sports editor. As a three sport varsity athlete during her high school career, she was able to give the inside perspective of every sport she covered.
    “Playing sports my whole life I often found myself the youngest member of every team. But, that never killed my drive. That only made me work harder to exceed the level of competition and bring up a couple notches, “ Cooksey said.
    In every sport she participated in she received awards. She was second team all league in volleyball, all tournament on her two time league champion varsity basketball team, three time high jump league champion, one of them being in her freshmen year of high school.
    She also received the most outstanding field athlete award in 2003 and was the Athlete of the Month in her senior year. Ending a long list of awards at her graduation ceremony, she received the Distinguished Athlete Award from the United States Marine Corps for displaying courage, poise, self-confidence and leadership as a high school athlete.
    Cooksey was strongly involved in her academics. On top of being involved in athletics, she was also part of the National Honor Society and was elected to the School Site Council. The board included the principal of the school, a number of teaching staff and other selected students.
    Giving back to the community is something to which Cooksey is committed. While going to school and participating in extracurricular activities, Cooksey found time to help out in her community. She volunteered to do youth coaching for children ages 6-12 and helped out as teacher’s aid at the local elementary schools. Also, Cooksey and some girls on her varsity basketball team did a basketball camp for young girls ages 8-12 at local parks and a recreation center in the city of Azusa.
    For more information about Dameron Communications, call (909) 888-0321.
    About Dameron Communications
    Since 1989 Dameron Communications has creatively met the needs of our diverse client base locally, regionally and nationally. We are an award winning advertising and public relations agency that creates integrated marketing solutions to increase sales and profits, win elections, inform the public or gain acceptance of potentially controversial issues. We use our 20 years of communications knowledge and experience to advance our clients’ objectives.

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