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    Matt Sloan new Dameron Communications Intern

    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) Matthew Sloan has joined the creative staff at Dameron Communications as an intern.

    “Working for a local firm allows me to get to know how a Public Relations company works, as opposed to learning how a small department within a huge corporation works,” says Sloan.

    Sloan believes that interning for Carl Dameron at Dameron Communications will give him a better appreciation for the field and an understanding of Community Relations, Government Relations, Public Relations and Advertising.

    “I love Public Relations and photography. My goal is to use my love for photography and my love for writing together in Public Relations. Public Relations and photography are pretty similar in that both are trying to sell products to clients,” says Sloan

    Sloan is currently enrolled at California State Polytechnic University of Pomona pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.

    Sloan is the 2008/2009 vice president for the Cal Poly Pomona branch of the Student Public Relations Society of America and previously served as the club’s historian for the 2007/2008 term. He also served as a chairperson for the Cal Poly Pomona Communications Club.

    A summer school photography course with Dr. Neil Chapman was all it took for Sloan to join the world of photography.

    After the class he started to work as a photojournalist, which led to a photography internship with Cal Poly. He is completing the internship and will start to do public relations for the music department in the fall.

    He belongs to the Cal Poly Pomona Concert Choir and has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Sloan has worked for the Poly Post, Cal Poly Pomona’s school newspaper, as a photojournalist for the past year. He plans on being a staff writer as well as continuing to take pictures for the paper in the fall.

    “Working for the Poly Post allows me to stay in the know about any events being held at Cal Poly. It also allows me access to take a look at what goes on behind the scenes and gives me the privilege to get as close as need be to get the shot,” says Sloan.

    Sloan will graduate in June of 2009 with his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. His future plans are to work for a local Public Relations firm and grow with the company. He plans to continue working as a photojournalist and work toward merging his public relations experience with photography.

    For more information call Dameron Communications at (909) 888-0321

    About Dameron Communications
    Since 1989 Dameron Communications has creatively met the needs of our diverse client base locally, regionally and nationally. We are an award- winning agency that creates integrated marketing solutions to increase sales and profits, win elections, inform the public or gain acceptance of potentially controversial issues. We use our 20 years of communications knowledge and experience to advance our clients’ objectives.

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