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    LaSalle Medical Associates

    San Bernardino City Councilman Rikke Van Johnson (on the right) congratulates LaSalle Medical Associates, Inc President Dr. Albert Arteaga (on the left) for helping 38 local residents receive free or low cost prescription drugs. The Montel Williams’ “Help is Here Express Bus” visited LaSalle Medical Associates in San Bernardino recently and helped 38 people enroll in a program offering free and low-cost prescriptions.

    LaSalle Medical Associates – Its five Inland Empire clinics in California gladly participate in aiding the lower income community with its health needs. Dameron Communicated took on getting the word out regarding LaSalle’s leadership in providing quality health care to patients reguardless of incime. We also focused on LaSalle’s free childhood immunization programs, its free breast screening services, its financial support of the area’s Hurricane Katrina survivors, and its free flu-season immunizations.

    The Results? Awards from the Medical Society an maore. Increased traffic to the clinics and increased awreness of the clinics.

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