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    National Trust of the Cayman Islands

    National Trust of the Cayman Islands – Dameron Communications staff took on the challenge of helping this small Caribbean island bring part of its history back to life. A tiny, wood, one-room shack had served as a World War seaside lookout for enemy ships and submarines, but it had been neglected for decades, stored and forgotten in an old garage. Few locals, let alone tourists, knew anything about it.

    The Result? The room was restored and moved to its original site. Its history was researched and brass signage written, manufactured and installed at the location. Brochures telling the shack’s important history were written and printed. Queen Elizabeth II even attended its dedication, and the room became one of the island’s most popular tourist interests. Tying in with that project, our staff wrote, produced and directed an environmental underwater video shown in a donated kiosk at the island’s airport.

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