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    Corona City Council Challenger: City Should Be Shining Star

    (CORONA, Calif.) “Corona has the potential to be a shining star in western Riverside County.” Speaking of his goal for his city, City Council challenger Louis Davis goes on to spell out the how and why of his campaign leading to the November 4 election.

    “For years Council members have focused on high-end shops and restaurants,” he says. “But these are things that only appeal to a small part of our population. We have to make sure that we have someone on the city council that focuses on everyone.”

    The father of four is very concerned about Corona’s families and its youth. “Corona is populated by families, yet there are no family-oriented facilities for them. And we have thriving youth football programs with no football field.”

    Davis has pointed out that young athletes have to practice football on 6th Avenue where it isn’t safe for children. “We have fine facilities for baseball and soccer, but not even a goal post for footballers.”

    Davis has long noted a lack of what he calls “an anchor” to downtown. “As in anchor, I’m talking about a performing arts center, an educational facility, a convention center, even a sports complex. And all these would generate significant income for the city’s General Fund.”

    He adds, “We just can’t continue building new homes, new offices and retail space, then hope for the best. We’ve got to look ‘outside the box’ and plan in a big way for our future. Otherwise, 20-25 years down the road, we’ll be right where we are now.”

    It has been estimated, he says, that by the year 2030, two million people will have moved into Riverside County, “with many of them choosing Corona,” Davis adds. “This isn’t Mayberry,” he says, referring to the old “Andy Griffith Show.” “Corona has the third largest population in western Riverside County. It’s time to act like it. Someone has to dream the big dream, and that’s me; and someone has to see these projects through, and that’s also me.”

    Although he is a registered Democrat, he believes that he shares many common and conservative values with his neighbors. “People who know me,” he says, “know I would serve everyone regardless of political affiliation. If I were to be elected to the Corona City Council, every resident will have a true servant to work with.”

    While this is Davis’ first bid for a major political office, he’s certainly not new to working in the community. Now a Region Manager for Local Public Affairs with Southern California Edison, he’s also a board member of the Norco Family YMCA and the Riverside Community College Foundation, along with being a member of the Corona Circle City Rotary and on the Board of Trustees of the Corona Library. In addition, Davis has been endorsed by the Central Labor Council of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

    Davis urges all Corona residents to get to the polls November 4, saying “Given a chance on the City Council, I can help make Corona a leading Southern California city.”

    About Louis Davis
    This active member of Faith Fellowship Bible Church has a B.A. degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Redlands. Before joining Southern California Edison in 2004, Davis spent 25 years with San Diego Gas & Electric including more than a decade as an Environmental Lab Technician then an Environmental Specialist.

    On November 4, voters willing, Davis will begin initiating three major programs for Corona: “I want to bring us venues that will generate revenues for our General Fund; I plan to bring prominent universities and colleges to the city; and I’ll work hard to guide Corona to prepare for our future by bringing in a diverse business base with high end jobs and institutions that will survive any more economic downturns.”

    For further information, or to contribute to the Louis Davis Campaign, go on line to www.leaveittolouis.com.

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