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    California Portland Cement Company


    California Portland Cement Company, Colton, Calif. Plant – A public information campaign was developed in collaboration with a new SEO Company to forge acceptance of their use of alternative fuel in their two cement kilns. Presentations on the environmental benefits of the fuel project were made to all mayors and city managers in the region, and all gave their full support. An additional part of our effort included a re-dedication of a huge 20 x 38-foot American flag that now flies over Mt. Slover in Colton. Attending the event were the mayor, city manager, the city council members, Assemblyman Joe Baca and Congressman George Brown.

    The Results? The alternative fuel project was approved by the South Coast Air Quality Management District or SCAQMD without negative public comment. News of the flag raising made the front pages of numerous publications and was covered by the Southern California NBC outlet. Stories ran in 20 weeklies, from as far away as Houston, Texas.

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