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    Carl M. Dameron offers a free brochure from Dameron Communications called Effective Advertising & Public Relations. The brochure outlines a step-by-step program to effectively reach a company’s target market, create a positive image of the business and entice their target market to use their products and services despite tough economic times.

    (Newport Beach, Calif.) “In tough economic times too many companies stop advertising their business, or they cut their marketing budget because its easier than cutting people,” says Carl M. Dameron, founder and Creative Director of Dameron Communications, Inland Empire leader in public relations and advertising.

    “The problem is when you stop asking for business you stop getting business. When sales fall because new customers aren’t coming in the door companies have to cut more expenses. They often reduce the marketing budget and then spiral into business failure. That puts more people out of work than if they had just found a new way to ask for more business.”

    “We must never lose sight of the fact we are all products, and keep selling ourselves and our companies’ products,” says Dameron, adding, “However, a great campaign does not stop there. It takes hard work, knowledge and creativity to bridge the gap between the vision of success and actual profit.”

    A free brochure from Dameron Communications, Effective Advertising & Public Relations, outlines a step-by-step program to effectively reach a company’s target market, create a positive image of the business and entice their target market to use their products and services.

    According to Dameron the solution to increasing business in a changing economy is to change your advertising strategy. “When people had lots of money from constant home refinancing, they bought lots of things they wanted but didn’t need,” he notes. “Now the re-fi money is gone. People also feel poorer because their home values are declining and their mortgage payments are up. Many consumers are recovering from the hangover of big spending. Buyers are redefining their purchases based on what they need, not just want.

    Dameron says the solution is to change your approach. “Some businesses understand this. They increase advertising in slow times. When they notice a change in buyer attitudes and adjust their message to consumers.

    “One strategy is to lower prices and offer zero down and low interest rates to increase traffic and sales. Why? Because there are always buyers, if properly motivated to buy. As the Creative Director of Dameron Communications, my job is find the new way to motivate customers to buy,” he says.

    Dameron offers more solutions to energize or create and implement an Effective Advertising & Public Relations strategy.

    The program consists of four major components:
    Research. The first step in an effective advertising campaign is research. A company must know how much they should invest in their marketing campaign, who the target market is, what media those consumers use and what they want!

    Ad Development. The creativity of an ad campaign is spurred during ad development. Generally, the information obtained through research will be used to generate a campaign theme that will grab the target market’s attention and increase traffic.

    Media Planning and Placement. Selective media placement ensures the target market knows about the company’s products and services. It is imperative that follow-up research is done to fine tune the media, to maximize budget effectiveness and capture the largest audience.

    While a successful campaign fulfills all four components, a combination of effective planning and consistency is also required to be effective.

    Additionally, Dameron’s guide gives information on developing effective Public Relations, Government Relations and Community Relations strategies.

    Dameron goes one step further. “If your business needs help sorting out your media options or creating a new message, we will provide you a free one-hour consultation on your advertising, public relations, crisis communications, government relations and/or community relations issues,” says Dameron.

    For a free copy of Effective Advertising & Public Relations e-mail your request to Info@DameronCommunications.com or call Carl Dameron at (909) 888-0321.

    Since 1989 Dameron Communications has creatively met the needs of its clients locally, regionally and nationally. They are an award-winning communications agency that creates integrated marketing solutions to increase sales and profits, win elections, inform the public or gain acceptance of potentially controversial issues. They use advertising, public relations, government relations and community relations to advance their clients’ objectives. The web site is www.DameronCommunications.com.


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