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    Active LaSierra University student earns PR internship

    Carrie Patrick

    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) Dameron Communications welcomes a new public relations intern to its staff.

    Carrie Patrick, a junior at La Sierra University in Riverside, joined Dameron Communications seeking to gain experience in a real public relations work environment that allows her to achieve knowledge and skill in the field of Public Relations before graduating in the spring of 2010.

    Internships are important for college students because employers are hesitant to hire people right out of college with no experience. With millions of job cuts all over the U. S. options are decreasing daily.

    “The job search is already hard enough with the economy doing so poorly,” Patrick said. “With the experience I gain here I will be able to confidently apply for a career after I earn my bachelor’s degree.”

    This is not the first time Dameron Communications has taken interns. Carl Dameron, founder and creative director of Dameron Communications, believes having interns is important for a company.

    “It is critical that we bring interns in because it is the older generations’ responsibility to teach the next generation the field of public relations.” Dameron said. He also believes that interns can benefit the company, “They teach me, too,” Dameron said. “From them I learned that text messaging was the best way to reach the 25 and under public and that soon hand held devices will be responsible for at least 75 percent of Internet access.”

    Carrie Patrick is currently earning her degree in the field of communications with an emphasis in public relations and advertising. She has a passion for the sport of soccer and has been playing for more than 10 years. She was recently the Centennial freshman girl’s soccer coach in Corona and is now working at Killarney’s Irish pub located at the Riverside Plaza.

    Being a full time student with two jobs is not an easy thing to do.

    “I feel that if I put in the effort now, it will pay off later in my life” Patrick said. Carrie says she gained her strong work ethic from her parents and shows it by working hard in school as well as the restaurant and internship at Dameron Communications.


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