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    Luis Moreno at Dameron Communications, where he is a marketing and research intern. Photo by Carl Dameron.

    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) Luis Moreno recently joined Dameron Communications as a marketing research intern. He expects to get the experience and knowledge necessary to become a successful marketing researcher, and maybe someday run his own marketing firm.

    “Being an intern allows you to experience how it is in the real world. The theories learned in school are only tools, but the real thing is the experience you acquire working on what you enjoy the most, and that I think builds your character, and fulfills you as a professional.” Luis said.

    Moreno is a senior at California State University, San Bernardino, majoring in Business Administration, concentration Marketing, and a minor in Finance. He will be graduating Fall 2009.

    His duties as a marketing research intern consist of making marketing promotion proposals, marketing budgets, market analysis, creating visual graphs for data, and researching.

    “Luis brings desire and tenacity; not all interns have the vision to see where this career path can take them. Luis has that vision. He is teachable, pays attention and has good knowledge of research,” Carl Dameron said.

    Since 1989, Dameron Communications had coach interns. With a full service industry of opportunities for interns to work in any sector, they feel an obligation to teach the next generation of professionals to do work effectively, creative, and honestly. “We always ask our interns what they want to do, and Moreno was the first intern that wanted to work in marketing research. I was very excited” Dameron said.

    Luis recently worked updating data for a document titled About the Inland Empire. The document shows how the Inland Empire is doing compare to other counties, and towards what direction is heading to. It also focuses on what is making these two counties (Riverside and San Bernardino) attractive for investors.

    “What fascinated me is that not only house prices are less than Orange County or San Diego County, but what this metropolitan area is going to achieve economically in the next years.” Moreno said.

    Luis Moreno was born in Riverside California, but raised in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, borderline with Imperial County. He transferred from Imperial Valley College to Cal State San Bernardino to finish his major. The Inland Empire is now his new home, and he is happy about it.

    Besides marketing, Luis also loves soccer. He plays at Cal Sate San Bernardino, in the Intramurals League, inside the Recreational Center. Although his team didn’t make it to playoffs this quarter, they are eager to qualify next season, and maybe obtain the championship.

    About Dameron Communications Since 1989 Dameron Communications has creatively met the needs of our diverse client base locally, regionally and nationally. We are an award-winning agency that creates integrated marketing solutions to increase sales and profits, win elections, inform the public or gain acceptance of potentially controversial issues. We use our 20 years of communications knowledge and experience to advance our clients’ objectives.


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