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    Kathleen Dameron, owner of KD Conseil, has created a series of workshops to help business leaders draw inspiration from United States President Barack Obama in their own leadership.
    (PARIS, France) – United States President Barack Obama inspires millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic.

    KD Conseil will host a series of workshops to help international business executives turn President Obama’s success strategies into personal success. These workshops take place on evenings and weekends.
    “In his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama inspired many in today’s challenging environment,” said Kathleen Dameron, owner of KD Conseil. “Obama managed one of the best campaigns in history. He won in a landslide to be the first African American president. These workshops will show business leaders how they can use Barack Obama’s leadership skills to win in whatever situation they face,”

    KD Conseil is hosting a series of three-hour workshops that explore aspects of President Obama’s winning campaign strategy and how they can apply to today’s business environment.

    “The first of the five workshops inspired participants to implement opportunities in their business and professional environments to lead with the skills they admire in Obama,” Dameron said.
    The remaining sessions are:

    • Gaining the Vision — April 29th 7pm-10pm
    This session explores how Obama found unifying messages that brought diverse people, opinions and agendas together.

    • Creating Balance in Your Life — TBD (May) 7pm-10pm

    This session shows that even though the campaign for President of the United States is one of the most demanding jobs in the world, President Obama still had time for the things that gave him balance in his life. The participating business executives will learn how, like President Obama when he was on the campaign trail (and now as United States President), they too can lead a balanced life.

    The evening workshops take place at Espace Trinité, 3 rue de la Trinité 75009 Paris and cost $35 Euros. This includes heavy hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.

    Dameron has experienced first-hand the effectiveness of President Obama’s leadership skills. Although she lives in Paris, this native of East St. Louis, Illinois was so impressed with Obama, after he won the Iowa caucus she came to the United States for several weeks to campaign for him in the swing state of Missouri.
    “Working on this highly successful campaign inspired me to think about how I could use my own skills, which are in training and coaching, to contribute to developing leadership in more people, and more of the leadership skills we need to face today’s challenges. From that, I came up with the idea for these workshops,” she said.

    “What impresses me the most about Barack Obama is how much he stays in touch with his people,” Dameron said. “After the election he quickly sent all of his staff and volunteers an email detailing what we could expect next, and what he could and could not do. I continue to receive emails from him about once a week.”

    “What about him most impresses you?” she asks. “That’s probably where your leadership potential lies.”
    KD Conseil is also hosting weekend workshops designed to help business executives take what they admire about Obama and use it in their own way.

    The upcoming weekend workshops is ““The Art and Power of Life Balance,” to be held May 21-24. Cost for the May weekend workshop is 600 Euros.

    The participants in these workshops will discuss their impressions of Obama. Then they will provide feedback to other participants as to how they could best use their own skills in the same area.
    Dameron, owner of KD Conseil (a consulting firm offering international business executives training and coaching in how to manage their companies in a global environment) and Alan Steinborn, an authority on business leadership, facilitate the workshops.

    Seating is limited. To reserve your seat or for more information about KD Conseil and any of the workshops it is holding, call 33 (01) 42 21 00 73 or email info@kdconseil.com
    French and English speakers may obtain information about the company through the website www.kdconseil.com.

    Kathleen Dameron, born in East St. Louis, Illinois, lived in southern California before moving to Europe. She graduated from University of Redlands in California. She also has a degree from the Universitè de Paris. She resides in Paris, France, where she established KD Conseil in 1992.

    KD Conseil helps multi-national firms understand the different cultures within their organization. By understanding and working through cultural differences, KD Conseil helps the firm develop “shared practices” that will be highly efficient ways of delivering their services and products in a global market.

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