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    'Hot' Careers In a Cool Economy

    Dr. Fardad Fateri, chief executive officer, International Education Corporation says career fields such as health, education and technology are still showing a huge demand for workers.

    (IRVINE, Calif.) A quick glance at headlines featuring layoffs, cutbacks and bankruptcies is enough to make the average American think the end is near. However Dr. Fardad Fateri, chief executive officer of International Education Corporation (IEC), said there are plenty of jobs available – if you look in the right areas.

    “After 20 years of placing students in viable careers and hiring hundreds of employees, I believe that people with the right education can find employment even in a down economy,” said Fateri, CEO of IEC, parent company of UEI College and Advanced Career Training. 

    Shannan Gonzales recently completed UEI College’s degree in business office administration, a career field for which there is always high demand. After completing an internship with Dameron Communications, the last part of her UEI College education, she was hired and began her new career as an administrative assistant in the public relations department.

    “My education gave me skills and knowledge about computers and office procedures that I didn’t have before,” she said. “I have a job in the profession I am interested in, and the opportunity for an even greater career in the future.”

    Fateri says career fields such as health, education and technology are still showing a huge demand for workers.

    These predictions are also supported by recent workforce studies. U.S. News and World Report’s list of best careers for 2009 includes biomedical equipment technician, curriculum/training specialist, engineer, genetic counselor and health policy specialist.

    “With the aging of the baby boomers and people living longer than ever before, professionals in healthcare continue to be in high demand, from diploma programs all the way up to medical doctors,” Fateri said. “Other health care professions such as dentistry, herbal medicine, chiropractic medicine and acupuncture are also enjoying continued growth.”

    Fateri said that Healthcare programs are also popular at UEI. “The Medical Assisting program currently has the highest enrollment,” Fateri said. “We expect continued growth in these programs as demand for entry-level healthcare workers expands.”

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ November 2007 Monthly Labor Review lists network systems and data communication analysts, personal and home care aides and home health aides as the top three fastest growing occupations in the next 10 years.

    The Labor Market Information Division of California’s Employment Development Department predicts that from 2006-2016, network systems analysts, computer software engineers and veterinary technicians will see a 40 percent increase in demand for their services.

    Fateri said these statistics show there is continued demand for technology workers. However this is not simply hardware and software designers and developers. Technology is merging with other disciplines to create a demand for workers in areas such as biotechnology, genetic engineering and green technology.

    “The most exciting emerging discoveries in the next few decades will occur through the research of these talented cross-disciplinary professionals,” Fateri said.

    Even with the recession, Fateri says there is still demand for employees with business administration, administrative assistant and management consultant training. “Small and medium-sized companies need individuals to run their businesses so training for these areas always yields positive results,” Fateri said.

    Criminal Justice is another hot career field, since there is always going be a demand for employees who can work in security, protection, investigation and law enforcement.

    “Also, the education field is continuing to grow,” Fateri said. “With the retirement of thousands of educators and the increased demand for skilled workers, we will need thousands of teachers, teacher’s aides, administrative assistants, network systems technicians and support staff in the K-12 and the higher education system.”

    Fateri predicts that in the coming years the American economy will continue to transition away from labor and economic infrastructure to service-focused industries, information collection, analysis and management, research and design.

    Fateri offers this important piece of advice to students. “If you want to secure employment after graduation, select a major that is in demand, and has the academic content designed to prepare you for a career,” he said.

    “I always suggest that people follow their passion, but if they don’t have one, select an academic career field in high demand – healthcare, business, technology, justice or education. Focus on your studies, get fantastic grades, but also spend time developing your athletic, social and philanthropic side. Successful corporations are always looking for talented, well-rounded individuals who can cope with the demands of a competitive workplace,” Fateri said.

    International Education Corporation, the parent company UEI College (UEI) and Advanced Career Training, is a premier provider of post-secondary education. UEI College and Advanced Career Training.

    UEI College has seven campuses located in the California cities of Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Huntington Park, Ontario, San Bernardino, San Diego and Chula Vista. Advanced Career Training has training centers located in Riverdale Ga., and Jacksonville, Fla. 

    Fateri said IEC offers life-long learning ranging from training young people for their first
    steps into the workforce, to reeducating adults for high-demand careers.

    “Some young people are unsure of what career direction they should take when they leave high school,” Fateri said. “But whatever they do, they need to work. IEC helps young people train for entry-level positions in their chosen fields. After they graduate from an IEC program into their chosen profession, we are there for them when they need the training to move to the next level.”

    UEI College is a career education school dedicated to providing students with the best possible career training and education in a student-centered environment. They have helped students in Southern California prepare for their future careers for more than 25 years. Their instructors are industry-proven professionals who care about helping students join them in their profession.

    UEI College offers career training in business administration, healthcare, massage therapy, computer technology and pharmacy. Students at UEI College have many choices for their new career and all are in high demand.

    “Our Career Services Department helps prepare our students for employment after graduation. Our history of producing great employees has employers in the industry always on the lookout for our next class of graduates,” Fateri said. 

    UEI College is accredited by ACCET and has a CompTIA A+ Certification Program.

    For a free campus tour or for more information call (888) 764-4162 or go online to http://www.iecglobal.com/ IEC or  UEI.






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