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    Street Flags Celebrate Bicentennial

    Street flags with the Bicentennial Celebration logo will soon adorn lampposts throughout San Bernardino. The Bicentennial Celebration Committee seeks sponsors for these flags, to learn more call Erin Brinker at (951) 323-9337.

    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) The City of San Bernardino’s streets will soon be sporting banners and street flags with the city’s new Bicentennial Celebration logo.

     “This is a time of pride for the city,” said Erin Brinker, head of the public relations committee for the Bicentennial Celebration committee. We are proud of our citizens, our organizations and our businesses.  We are proud of our history, and we look forward to the future.”

    The Bicentennial Celebration committee invites businesses, organizations and individuals to be a part of the celebration by sponsoring the street flags, which will adorn lampposts throughout the city much the way holiday-themed flags do each December. In fact, these Bicentennial flags will remain in place until December.

    For $300, sponsors can have their name on the street flag, below the logo. Since the committee will be installing new flags throughout the year, there’s no deadline to sign up. But it will start by adorning the most highly visible areas of San Bernardino, so quick responses are encouraged.

    To sponsor a street flag, call Brinker at (951) 323-9337.

    San Bernardino’s celebrated beginning took place on May 20, 1810 when Father Francisco Dumetz established a mission. Now that 200 years have passed, and 2010 has arrived, it’s time for a months-long celebration.

    The logo adorning these street flags depicts the Bicentennial Celebration’s motto “San Bernardino 1810-2010: A Rich History. A Bright Future.” Throughout 2010, events are planned to remember the past, and usher in the city’s third century.

    This logo is illustrated with some of San Bernardino’s best resources over the centuries, including arrowheads, orange groves, mountains, transportation ranging from a horse-drawn wagon to an airplane and a high-speed train, landmark buildings California Theater and Vanir Tower, and people.

    Rabbi Hillel Cohn is the chairman of the Bicentennial Celebration Committee, and Erin Brinker is the chair of its Public Relations & Marketing and Independence Day Extravaganza committees. Other Bicentennial Celebration Committee members are Art Guerrero (chair of Neighborhood Beautification committee) Jim Smith (chair of the Community Engagement committee), Cheryl Brown (chair of the Youth Council, Intergovernmental and Arts committees), Beverly Bird (chair of the Legend of the Arrowhead committee), Steven Shaw (chair of the History committee), David Smith (chair of the Finance committee), Jane Sneddon (chair of the Parade committee) and Martha Pinkney (chair of the Gala committee.)

    These members were appointed by the mayor and members of the San Bernardino Common Council. Additional community volunteers who have taken on leadership of other committees are: Trudy Freidel (Festival of Faiths), Dr. William Coleman (Leadership Cabinet), Peggi Hazlett (Mayor’s Run), Dr. Charles “Skip” Herbert (Coloring Books for Schools) and The Art Institute of California – Inland Empire (Design).

    For additional details, contact Erin Brinker at (951) 323-9337.


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