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    Salvation Army Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund Drive


    By now, I’m sure we all know about the tremendous destruction, loss of life, and upheaval caused by Hurricane Sandy on the East coast.  Some of us may have experienced a natural disaster, some not.
    Either way, the terrible conditions experienced by our east coast brothers and sisters cannot be ignored.

    It is for this reason, I’m announcing the launching of a citywide collaborative effort know as the;

    Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund Drive.

    I would like to thank the following groups for their collaboration effort on helping to launch this project.

    • CHS Music Department
    • Lefty’s Sports Outfitters
    • The Salvation Army

    Basically the details are this;
    1. Flyers are being handed out over the next three days.
    2. Cash and checks will be accepted at: Lefty’s Sports Outfitters, downtown Colton (address and phone number are on the flyer)
    3. All checks should be made out to The Salvation Army
    4. Money collected this week at Lefty’s will be delivered to the local Salvation army headquarters next Friday, who will in turn deposit the money and wire it to the Salvation Army on the East Coast.

    If you, or any group, or anyone you happen talk to, would like to participate, please contact me at 909-213-3730 (cell).
    Flyers are available (see attached) and started going out yesterday, with the goal of covering 5,000 households and busineeses this weekend.  If we to are able to get more groups involved, we can certainly cover more households and businesses.
    The drive will last for two weeks, ending November 16 just before the Thanksgiving break.

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