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    Training to Win In Life

    Malaika at Art Institute  Fashion Show

    Malaika at Art Institute Fashion Show. Photo by Robert Swapp


    (San Bernardino, CA)  Personal fitness trainer Malaika Jacocks-Dameron is extremely fit and a body builder these days. But she knows what it’s like to be overweight and out of shape.She started with the venus factor diet reviews
    “As my family grew larger, so did my body,” said Malaika, who married Carl Dameron (owner of Dameron Communications) in 2011. “Although my body frame has been consistently small, after three children, I could not get rid of those extra curves and that big gut.”
    It seemed everywhere I went people would ask me how many months pregnant I was. At first, it was a funny. My response was always the same, “I’m not pregnant, just fat!” After a while it became kind of sad. So, I decide to change.”
    Malaika began a workout program in her home and lost four dress sizes. Now, she’s helping other women to do the same.
    “As a personal fitness trainer, I help other women stay motivated, lose inches and meet their own personal fitness goals.”
    Malaika Jacocks-Dameron’s first career was in womens’ retail. “For more than15 years, I helped women of all shapes, sizes and personalities to find the look that was right for them.
    “I enjoyed working in retail because I helped women look better, no mater what their size was,” she said. “We had fun, met their fashion goals and their shopping experience always left them with a smile.”
    “Now I do the same thing as a personal trainer,” Malaika Jacocks-Dameron continued. “We have great fun working out. I help my clients’ look and feel better, and their workout experience always leaves them with a smile. Sometimes they’re a little sore but they always have a smile!”

    Left to right Malaika 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013

    Left to right Malaika 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013

    With three kids in school, two living at home, and the support of her husband, Malaika quit working and started college at age 34 in 2004. Her goal then was to be a high school physical education teacher.
    “My husband had been encouraging me to be happy and I follow my dreams. With his encouragement I was ready,” said Malaika, “I felt that I was ready to really change my life. I had began to change my body, now I was ready to change my mind.”
    Her children helped her with math while her husband taught her how to use computer programs.  She studied and trained a lot. But helping teenagers turned out not to be her passion. Helping women who truly want to be more fit is what makes her happiest.
    Malaika and her family enjoy a day at Fairmont Park in Riverside, CA.  Left to Right: Shaila, Malaika, Carl and Shiane

    best adjustable dumbbells Malaika and her family enjoy a day at Fairmont Park in Riverside, CA. Left to Right: Shaila, Malaika, Carl and Shiane

    After first incorporating lots of cardio into her workouts, she added weight training. She recommends this mix of cardio and weights to all women who want to get in shape.
    “Definitely, women need both cardio and weight training to look their best,” Malaika Jacocks-Dameron said. “Strong muscles make you burn fat more intensely, and are better for your health, and that cannot be accomplished through cardio exercises alone.”
    Malaika Jacocks-Dameron has taken her passion for fitness to even a higher level. She competes as women’s body builder, and says it was one of the best decisions she has ever made.
    In 2009, she set her eye on a specific competitive goal, and intensified her training to prepare. In September, 2010, she won fourth place in the Figure Division, Women 35+ Class B of the NPC Tournament of Champions competition.
    Malaika's graduation from San Bernardion Valley College in May of 2011 with a degree in Human Services.

    Malaika’s graduation from San Bernardion Valley College in May of 2011 with a degree in Human Services.

    How does a body building figure competition work?  Competitors walk to the center of the stage, alone. They face a panel of judges before moving into model turns, then proceed to the side of the stage.  Competitors are judged wearing a two-piece swimsuit and high heels.
    Judges score competitors using the following criteria:  Small degree of muscularity with separation, no visible striations; overall muscle tone with shapely lines, overall firmness and not excessively lean; full general assessment; healthy appearance: makeup, and skin tone.
    “I was very excited and happy to place fourth in my first competition,” said Malaika. “From there I have now competed in four body building competitions, and I have placed in each one.”
    Her last show was in Culver City in July of 2013, where she placed third.
    Body building is a hobby most women won’t pursue, she acknowledges.
    ‘I don’t train body builders,” she said. “I train just regular women who want to be fit and healthy for themselves and their families.”
    In May of 2001, Malaika graduated from San Bernardino Valley College with a degree in Human Services.  She also is a certified drug and alcohol counselor.
    “If you’re addicted to food, I know how to help you kick the bad food habits!” said Malaika.
    Malaika’s children are growing up.   Shani, 22, is a senior at Kentucky State University. Shiane, 19, is a sophomore at California State University, San Bernardino. Shaila is in the seventh grade, with a 4.0 grade-point average.
    Malaika is a personal trainer committed to helping women get the body they really want.  “Some women want to be a Size 10 and some want to be a Size 6.  I help women lose inches, get toned and be happy with their physical appearance,” says Malaika.
    Malaika on stage at the Muscle Contest.com Los Angeles Classic July 20, 2013

    Malaika on stage at the Muscle Contest.com Los Angeles Classic July 20, 2013

    “I specialize in helping you reach your goals and your OWN individual needs. We can train in your home, in the park or at a gym to see landing mats.  I think you will find in-home training is the best!”
    Now, at 42, Malaika says she is happy with herself, her marriage, her career and her education.
    “I have balance and I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life,” she says.
    For more information on Malaika’s personal training Body by Malaika call 909-567-8691


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