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    What effective marketing strategies can businesses use as we come out of the coronavirus crisis?

    What effective marketing strategies can businesses use as we come out of the coronavirus crisis?


    Dameron Communications solves communications challenges in all media.

    In a recent poll, many business owners were worried about increased marketing costs as they reopen. What’s your advice on affordable but effective marketing strategies businesses can use while their revenue is low?
    There is no silver bullet. 
    It’s also going to be different for each business and location.  The problem needs a review of your Customers and sales issues.
    Dameron Communications provide a complementary one-hour consultation to review your issues and present an advertising plan to solve them.
    Dameron Communications’ is a Southern California based Advertising; public relations, community relations and government relations Agency whose work wins awards and client accolades, and has for more than 30 years.   “We blend relationships with proven advertising and public relations methods to deliver winning and measurable results,” said Carl M. Dameron, agency founder and director.
    We serve clients who make the world a better place –business small or large, government or non-profit, product, service or cause primarily in California’s Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange, Counties.
    For more information or a free one-hour consultation call Dameron Communications at (909) 534-9500.

    We help you solve communications challenges with Advertising, Pubic Relations and Government Relations.

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