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    Jazz And Wine Festival To Benefit Local Foster Children

    Great Sax
    (Redlands, CA) Fans of Jazz will enjoy a performance this weekend at Edwards Mansion in Redlands brought by concert promoter One Touch Management.
    Knotts’ Family Agency’s annual Summer Soiree Jazz and Wine Tasting “Under the Stars.” Tickets for this 7 p.m. event are $45 per person.
    Mark L. Akridge, son of legendary bass guitarist Mark L. “Bassdagg” Adams from Slave will highlight the Jazz event, he leads this seven-piece band, primarily influenced also by the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, Sting and Phil Collins, as well as funk bands Zapp & Roger, Lakeside, Heatwave and New Horizon.

    Gwen and James Knotts

    Gwen and James Knotts

    “This will be a do not miss event,” said Gwen Knotts, owner of Knotts Family Agency. “Slave was a great band and huge part of the Black culture. You will be able to enjoy a summer evening listening to a new band that sounds a lot like Slave, while tasting some excellent wines from around the world.
    Knotts kids
    “At the same time, you will help us at Knotts Family Agency to provide cultural enrichment opportunities for foster children,” Knotts said. “You are going to experience fun and culture by coming to our summer soiree. Shouldn’t all of our children also be able to experience fun and culture through opportunities appropriate for their age?”
    Great food
    Listeners can also enjoy a variety of wines at the Summer Soiree. These come from Wine Guyz, who will feature a variety of international wineries. Wine Guyz has worked with Knotts Family Agency for several years to put on the wine tasting portion of the event.
    This year’s wine selection includes wines from Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. One of the wineries featured is Yalumba, which is Australia’s oldest winery, owned by one family since 1849.

    Jorge Odonez Group wines will also be featured. Jorge Odonez is the owner of a chain of boutique wineries in Spain that focus on crafting wines from “very old” vines. These older vines, while less productive, produce wines regarded by winemakers and sommeliers as of higher quality in all respects. Jorge Odonez Group is a major importer of Spanish wines to the United States.
    Knotts Family Agency works with the Department of Children & Family Services in both San Bernardino and Riverside counties to identify homes and families for foster children of all ages.
    great people
    Edwards Mansion’s beautiful Victorian Tea Garden is the site for The Summer Soiree. The Garden has a picturesque fountain, hand-painted tiles in romantic motif, shade trees, colorful flowers and vine-covered arbors combine to create an elegant setting.
    For more information or to purchase tickets, please call: Sandy Oquin at (909) 880-0600 or go online to http://www.KnottsFamilyAgency.org/