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    Taylion Academy Comes to San Bernardino

    Tim Smith Taylion Academy president, stands with students from the school.

    Tim Smith Taylion Academy president, stands with students from the school.

    (San Bernardino, CA)—Taylion Academy, a free Kindergarten though 12th grade public charter school, now has a campus in San Bernardino, just in time for the 2014-2015 school year. Since starting in October, the San Bernardino campus has enrolled more than 150 students.

    “Located at 1184 W 2nd Street, Suite 101, Taylion Academy is excited to expand into the City of San Bernardino, ‘ said principal Tim Smith.

    With charter schools in California and Arizona, Taylion has helped hundreds of students in reaching their potential while becoming productive members of society.

    “Taylion understands that everyone learns differently, as it offers a variety of programs, as well as tutor assistance, socialization opportunities such as clubs and activities like the Associated Student Body (A.S.B.), and more to help students succeed,” said Smith.

    Chenelle White, 17, currently a senior at Taylion Academy, has benefitted from the freedom of the independent study program, “I like that it’s one-on-one and I can come and ask questions. I can get more credits at a time instead of waiting a semester for a couple of credits.”

    White has plans to enlist in the Army after completing her High School Diploma, and then to attend the Police Academy.

    The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) have accredited Taylion Academy. WASC is the agency that provides accreditation to the: Redlands, Riverside, Rialto, Fontana and San Bernardino Unified School Districts.

    WASC is one of the six accrediting bodies in the United States which accredits public and private schools: from elementary, junior high, high school, to colleges and post secondary educational institutions.

    Taylion Academy serves all students, kindergarten through 12th grade, in the San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego and Orange County. Taylion offers individualized education plans, which can include on-campus classes and online classes.

    The school’s curriculum is based on California education standards, and employ California certified teachers.

    “Taylion Academy’s mission is to deliver a high quality education focused on building skills, character and confidence,” Smith said. “The curriculum is be personalized for each student, offering a mix of onsite classes in day and evening hours, online classes and independent study. Onsite courses will include hands-on learning activities and high technology.”

    Taylion Academy is affiliated with the Phoenix-area’s Taylion Academy, which serve kindergarten through eighth grade, and E-Institute Charter Schools, which serves grades 9-12 on three campuses.

    Taylion Academy has charter school campuses in San Marcos, Vista, Victorville, Adelanto and Arizona. “Taylion offers a assortment of students education programs that allow students’ learn at their own pace, including home school, virtual school and independent study,” said Smith.

    For more information on Taylion Academy please call at 1-855-77-LEARN.

    About Taylion Academy

    At Taylion Academy we are committed to providing students with the most flexible options of Independent Study, Online Learning and Homeschooling, so that our students can benefit from personalized learning plans that are designed to allow them to thrive and succeed at their own pace. We understand each student learns differently and education should be just as individualized as the needs, strengths and weaknesses of our students. Therefore, we have made it our sole mission to inspire our students and parents, provide advanced kids motorcycle helmets and tools, systems for learning, and offer more choices to give you the best chance to fulfill each student’s dreams.