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    Creating an Advertising Campaign That WORKS – Ad Development

     (San Bernardino, CA)  “We are all products. Remember that. As an advertising and public relations creative director, my product is problem solving, knowledge and creativity,” said Carl M. Dameron creative director and founder of Dameron Communications.
    “I am going to tell you how to develop an advertising and public relations program to effectively reach your target market, create a positive image of a business in the community and entice the market to buy more of your products, goods and/or services,” said Dameron.
    This series has been going for several weeks.  Go to the website for the entire backlog at
    at DameronCommunications.com/blog

    Layout 1
    This January 2012 ad uses the campaign theme for the Magnolia at Highland – “Affordable Luxury”.  We also target seniors by saying, “For ages 62 and better”.  The campaign was very successful. The senior apartments have 100+ person waiting list.

    Ad development
    This is where your research bears fruit. Take the information obtained through your research that tells you who your customer is, what they like, and what they like about your products and services to develop a campaign theme to reach your target market.
    This theme must translate well into print, radio, television, your website, billboards, Email, social networks, and direct mail to grab the target’s attention and leave the right impression. If you need help to develop your ads use: and ad agency, freelance artists, university students or talk to your newspaper or radio representative.
    You can also call Dameron Communications to help you develop your plan.
    Campaign goal
    We know the goal is to increase sales and profit:

    • But of what product ?   You want to include all of them but really pick one.
    • Of what service?  Again I know, you want to include all of them, but again pick one.
    • Where is it?  Where are your locations or do you come to me?
    • When do customers want to buy your stuff? — Winter, spring, summer or fall?

    Start by reviewing your sales and promote your most popular product or the thing you are known for.
    80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers.  Define who the 20 percent are, what they want and create your campaign to go after more people like them!
    For Argosy University they are highly recognized for their Postgraduate degrees in Psychology, Education and Business, that’s their 20 percent.  So our goal was to increase enrollment in those programs.  They also have bachelors degree completion programs and other offerings.
    Slogans – “Campaigns that work!”  That’s the Dameron Communications slogan
    How do you start?  Try creating a quick five-second description of what you do that makes your customer feel better good about buying your product.  Then massage it into a slogan.
    Here are some examples.

    • For SpeakerCraft we created the slogan “The Art of Sound”.  They sell speakers and high-end stereo equipment.  Not just things to make music, but things to make music sound exceptionally great.


    • For the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health AIDS program the slogan was “Know your Status”.  We show multiethnic real people and ask the question: “Are you HIV Positive of Negative?”
    HIV/AIDS Bus Shelter
    Are you HIV Positive of Negative?  Do you know?  You should know.  Take control.  Get checked for free at the San Bernardino County Health Department.


    • For The Magnolia at Highland the slogan is “Affordable Luxury”.   This project is a low income senior citizen complex, however it is designed and built like a luxury resort.  So we sold it that way.   We used the images reserved for luxury spas and luxury resorts, people in the pool, the cabañas and the beautiful entry.  Instead of 62 and older we came up with 62 and Better.


    The Magnolia at Highlands Senior Citizen Apartments Grand Opening invitation created for Western Seniors Housing
    The Magnolia at Highland Senior Citizen Apartments’ Grand Opening invitation created for Western Seniors Housing.  It clearly shows the luxury features available in the Senior Apartments.
    • For Argosy University it’s “Education that Works.”  This slogan has multiple meanings.  Not only does the education help you be a better person, but the reason many people get a post-graduate degree is to get a better job and make more money, so having a degree from Argosy helps to get you more work.  The other issue with Universities new to the area is the question of trust. We included the line “quality Education for over 30 years in Psychology, Education and Business” to demonstrate that Argosy was not a new University, just new to the area.  This line is to solidify the brand and increase trust.  The campaign increase enrollment 450 percent and made the campus the fastest growing start up the history of 22 campus system.
    • Yes, it does sound like our slogan.  Argosy abandoned it and so we picked it up.  Waste not, want not.
    Education That Works was the Slogan we created for Argosy University
    “Education That Works” was the slogan we created for Argosy University. This is the billboard we created, we also created newspaper ads, plus magazine and radio commercials.

    Good luck, and remember the target for your slogan is your customers, not you!
    To Be Effective In Advertising, Plan And Be Consistent.

    Display your slogan everywhere. This is the email signature for Dameron Communications

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