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    CalState Radio Consultant Is New President of Local Advertising Club

    Lacey Kendall new AAF president

    Lacey Kendall new AAF president

    Contact John Barry,
    AAF public relations

    (San Bernardino, CA)  Lacey Kendall, a radio consultant and broadcast advisor at Cal State San Bernardino has been named president of the Inland Empire Chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF).
    Kendall served as vice president of the AAF last year where she played a key role in the annual ADDY awards, a gala that recognizes excellence in advertising throughout the Inland Empire.  She also helped organize monthly educational programs and fundraising events for the local chapter.
    “I’m so excited to serve as president of the AAF for this coming year.  This chapter has a long history of service to the advertising community in the Inland Empire and I am looking forward to continuing that tradition.”
    Her goals for the coming year are, “To increase membership, host an incredible ADDY award competition and strengthen relationships with local colleges and universities who offer advertising as an academic major,” says Kendall.
    “We also believe that advertising students should be better connected to the professional organization that represents their industry.  This year we’re going to work to improve those relationships with this AAF chapter and increase the academic scholarships we already offer to deserving advertising students.”
    Kendall, 52, of North Rialto became interested in radio broadcasting at San Bernardino Valley College in 1979 where she hosted ‘Bluegrass Alive!’  Since then she has worked as a producer, manager and on-air host for radio stations in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties.
    Hired to cast voices for worldwide radio and TV commercials at Voice Over LA Studios in Hollywood, she worked on the George H.W. Bush presidential campaign and with clients such as Nike, Touchstone Pictures, Men’s Health Magazine and McDonalds.
    In 1994 she started 909Creative, an Inland Empire commercial production company.  She has also taught radio broadcasting at San Bernardino Valley College and at the University of LaVerne.  And in 2003 she worked with American radio news legend Daren Lane to build KCAA/NBC News Radio where she served as operations manager.
    In 2007 Kendall was hired as the broadcast consultant at Cal State San Bernardino, where today she advises over 140 students who are studying broadcasting, marketing, advertising and station management.  Her duties include managing Coyote Radio, the Cal State radio station, and she produces My Awesome Empire, a radio show about the Inland Empire and the Isla Earth Radio Series, broadcast over 300 stations in the U.S. and heard by over seven million weekly listeners.  Additionally she continues to host a Saturday show on 96.7 KCAL Rocks where she first worked 33 years ago.
    Kendall was born in Lakewood, Ca. and grew up in Rialto.  She earned a B.A. in radio broadcasting from the University of La Verne and a M.A in Communications from Cal State San Bernardino.


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