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    Dameron Wows County Mental Health Summit in Palm Desert

    Carl Dameron, creative director of Dameron Communications; Wendy Gladney, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker; and John A. “Jack” Calhoun, senior consultant for the U.S. Department of Justice and the National League of Cities. All spoke at the Riverside County Department of Mental Health PEI Summit in Palm Desert.

    (Palm Desert, CA)  Dancing and sliding across the floor, clicking through YouTube Videos and PowerPoint bullet points, voice in hushed tones, then booming “victorious””!  Carl Dameron creative director of Dameron Communications recently delivered a rousing presentation on effective communication at the Riverside County Department of Public Health’s Prevention and Early Intervention Summit.
    “Presentations are often less that exciting, so I push the envelope with my multi-media presentation to keep the audience involved and engaged,” said Dameron.  “I tell the audience that developing an effective message includes:  Make me care; Make me remember and Make me act.   That means I have to do the same in my presentation.”
    Dameron’s presentation is memorable. He spent most of the hour-and-a-half performance in the audience asking participants questions and floating from table to table.  He surprised participants with impromptu questions and rap videos.
    Dameron is the founder and creative director of Dameron Communications, a full-service advertising and public relations agency serving California since 1989.  He has won media coverage and placed product selling ads with the most prestigious and popular media channels, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
    “Carl is high energy person, who definitely knows what he talking about, that is why we selected him for the personation,” said Diane Brown, Social Service Planner/Training & Fidelity Liaison, Mental Health Services Act – Prevention & Early Intervention, Riverside County Department of Mental Health.
    “Are you an actor in movies, TV commercials or something?” asked one member of the audience after his presentation.  “I laughed and said no, I just love what I do,” said Dameron.

    Dameron show's the video "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to warm up the crowd

    Dameron has acting experience preforming in plays starting in the third grade.  He also took acting classes in high school and college but he admits he’s no Denzel Washington.
    “I wish I was that good, but I’m not.  I’m at the point where I’m not afraid to perform in front of an audience,” said Dameron.
    His presentation was for those delivering Prevention & Early Intervention services for Riverside County Department of Mental Health.
    The county web site says: an objective of Prevention & Early Intervention is to increase capacity for mental health prevention and early intervention programs. These programs are to be provided in places where mental health services are not traditionally given, such as schools, community centers, faith-based organizations, etc.
    The intent of PEI programs is to engage individuals before the development of serious mental illness or serious emotional disturbance or to alleviate the need for additional or extended mental health treatment.
    Dameron’s suggestions for successful advertising include:

    • Use a graphic artist to design brochures, flyers, ads and billboards.  “Your secretary is not a graphic artist.  Ad designers must understand color theory, typography and the best way to design advertising for effective communication.”
    • In the Inland Empire billboards and radio are king.  Use your budget to buy and use these media.
    • Don’t buy promo items if your annual ad budget is less than one million dollars.  Buy billboards, radio, TV, print or web ads.  Too many promo items end up in the closet and not used.  People often buy the wrong promo item and then not enough.  One good billboard in mall or flight of radio commercial will reach more people and deliver more results that your promo items.

    For public relations Dameron suggests:

    • Contract with a PR professional to write your press releases.  Unless your Ph.D., Masters or Bachelors’ degree is in communications, marketing or journalism you are probably not the best person to write your press releases. The media want and need the message delivered in a specific style.  If you don’t understand that style, it’s difficult to earn media coverage.
    • Use a photo with every story and give the media more than one photo choice.
    • Post all of your news releases to your website where they can be easily found.

    Dameron’s PowerPoint presentation can be found on line at the Dameron Communications website: http://www.dameroncommunications.com
    Creating campaigns that work is harder than it looks, and Dameron makes it look easy.   He has launched companies creating millions in profits, increased profits with existing firms and used crisis communications skills to save companies from failure.
    He is creative and tenacious. He pays attention to research, gets on the ground and communicates with customers and front line staff to find customer “hot buttons”. The creative team digests all of this information and together they create a solid thread weaved into a tapestry of effective messaging creating multi-media campaigns that work.
    Dameron effectively implements current technology and finds ways to effectively adopt new technology into campaigns.  He leads a team of creative professionals that create big ideas, engineer’s words and images that capture the audiences’ attention and motivates them to act.
    For more information on Dameron Communications call Carl Dameron at (909) 888-0017.
    About Dameron Communications
    Since 1989 Dameron Communications has creatively met the needs of our diverse client base locally, regionally and nationally. It is an award-winning agency that creates integrated advertising and public relations solutions to increase clients’ sales and profits, inform the public or gain acceptance of potentially controversial issues.
    Dameron Communications creates advertising for television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and billboards, web sites, mobile web applications, email and more. Public relations services include press releases, press conferences, media relations, television programs, web sites, opinion editorials, promotions, event creation and management, government relations and community relations.
    Dameron has earned media coverage for clients from: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CBS MarketWatch; Fox News, CNN, Nightly Business Report; The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Dow Jones News Wire, Bloomberg, Reuters, Associated Press, The Press Enterprise, The Sun, The Daily Bulletin, The Daily News, The Daily Press and many more media outlets.


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