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    North Rialto Poised For New Development

    Rialto, California’s north end is nestled at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. North of the 210 Freeway it has many parcels of vacant land with easy freeway access and suitable for industrial or commercial development. Photo by Chris Sloan

    Rialto has hundreds of acres of vacant land, zoned for industry, near the Alder off-ramp of 210 Freeway. Photo by Chris Sloan

    The City of Rialto plans in the near future to convert Rialto Airport to Renaissance Rialto, a commercial and residential planned development. Nearby, hundreds more acres of vacant land are also suitable for commercial development. Photo by Chris Sloan

    (RIALTO, Calif.) As the economy gains strength, the City of Rialto is encouraging developers to look to the north end of the city, where large parcels of land near the 210 Freeway are suitable for business or industry.

    “Along the 210 Freeway, we have lots of land poised for full development,” said Robb Steel, Director of the Rialto Redevelopment Agency. “This is especially true of the areas north of the freeway near the Ayala and Alder interchanges.”

    “Many areas west of here are approaching buildout,” Steel noted. “That means Rialto is a great place to grow a business in southern California.”

    The Ayala properties are near what is currently the Rialto Airport, but will soon become Renaissance Rialto, a 1,500-acre master planned community.

    The Rialto City Council recently approved a specific plan and environmental impact report for Renaissance Rialto. This clears the way for developer Lewis-Hillwood Rialto to market industrial, retail and residential sites when market conditions improve.

    “With those homes and others nearby in the preliminary planning stage, we would like to see businesses come into the community to serve the future residents, as well as thousands who already live near the 210 Freeway and farther north,” Steel said.  “It will soon become a growing area. Our goal is to make it a commercial center to serve all residents of Rialto and surrounding communities.”

    The 210 Freeway interchange at Alder Avenue is an already established industrial park, and the City hopes this area will expand due to the close 210 Freeways’ close proximity..

    About Rialto

    Although the City of Rialto is located in the middle of one of the nation’s fastest growing regions, it has retained a small town atmosphere and similar quality of life. Rialto is an ethnically diverse and progressive community, which boasts several unique community assets including its own police and fire departments, a city-owned fitness center, performing arts theater, nine beautiful parks, a community center and senior center. Rialto is within easy range of mountains, beaches, deserts and other recreational areas.

    Rialto’s housing mix and home costs are some of the most affordable in Southern California. First-time homebuyers find Rialto more affordable than almost any other comparable community in the region. Executives and those seeking high-end residences also find they can purchase much more home for their money in Rialto. This lower cost translates into more discretionary income for residents, thus benefiting retailers and service providers.

    For more information about Rialto, go to www.rialtoca.gov or call (909) 879-1140.


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