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    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) LaSalle employees mourned the loss of one of their long-term patients in January. But, with the help of two of their own, this patient died with a peace of mind she hadn’t seen much of in the last few months of her life.
    “For the rest of her life, Cheryl Garcia and Renae Marquez were a great source of support for this patient,” said LaSalle Medical Associates CEO Dr. Albert Arteaga. “When she died in mid-January, her husband called the Mt. Vernon clinic that same day, to thank them for making his wife so happy in her final days.”
    Before she died, the two women got to know this patient because of her frequent need of health care from LaSalle Medical Associates. Around the holidays, they noticed this patient was especially struggling.
    “She was very ill, she was not doing well emotionally, and she had some serious financial challenges,” said Dr. Arteaga.
    Cheryl, who works in the Medical Records department at the Mt. Vernon clinic, and Renae, who handles patient referrals, wanted to help. So, just before Christmas they bought the patient several gifts, including new sheets for her bed. They not only bought the gifts with their own funds, they took it upon themselves to deliver the gifts to her home while they were off duty.
    “I am very proud of Cheryl and Renea for the help they provided this patient at the end of her life,” said Dr. Arteaga. “Both of these women have their own financial struggles, so I know they sacrificed to help a patient, and what they did came from their hearts. I know they made a difference in this patient’s life.”
    The LaSalle medical clinics are at 17577 Arrow Blvd. in Fontana, (909) 823-4454; 1505 West 17th St, (909) 887-6494, and 565 N. Mt. Vernon Ave., (909) 884-9091 in San Bernardino, and 16455 Main St. in Hesperia, (760) 947-2161.
    For additional information about LaSalle Medical Associates, call (909) 890-0407.


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