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    Cross-Cultural Communications Drives Success For International Businesses


    (Paris, France) Weathering the storm of an international recession is not an easy task. However, for international businesses, one thing has remained constant in good, as well as bad times, a competent multinational and multi-ethnic team. The ability to sustain effective cross-cultural communications is a crucial skill required for international business success in today’s global economy.

    For the past 20 years, KD Conseil has played a key role in facilitating this skill. Launched by Kathleen Dameron in 1992, KD Conseil improves the intercultural communications skills between the corporate offices and the executive management teams who work in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

    Dameron, based in Paris, France, says “KD Conseil is strategically situated both geographically, as well as for business cultures in most industries and Fortune 500 companies. We know how to meet the demands and needs of our clients in an international business center for multinational corporations.”

    “I truly adore the city of Paris. The companies here have very strong business connections with the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia,” said Dameron. “It’s easy to travel from Paris all around Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”

    Dameron explains that some of the key challenges faced by companies working across national and corporate environments are born out of cultural differences. It is those differences in cultures that can also create the building blocks to success.

    “If an organization works with other cultures, I help them make it possible for senior managers, experts and employees to work together with greater efficiency and comfort,” said Dameron. “There is a joy that comes from working in an intercultural surrounding, discovery of different ways of succeeding, new and tried solutions to issues, as well as the pain of differences in attitudes and ways of working. My role is to help individuals, teams and organizations understand and appreciate those differences, thus developing a more harmonious working environment.”

    Standing the test of time, KD Conseil has developed quality relationships with clients, generating customer referrals, which have enabled her business to grow even in difficult economic times for businesses globally.
    “I believe that one of the keys to our success during this economic hardship is our ability to guide clients through different interventions,” said Dameron.  “For instance, we develop intervention materials that assist in increasing multicultural competencies or adjusting to an organizational change. The goal is for our clients to keep their employees motivated and improve performance and that has a positive affect on their bottom-line.”

    However, Dameron points out that KD Conseil’s affect should not be measured solely by quantity and direct immediate contribution to the bottom-line.  In fact, she informs that the best contribution comes when her company is embraced as a partner on a strategic journey to understand and implement cultural change.

    This enables her to implement the best evaluation measurements, reviewing what has changed over a six-month period.

    With the growth of the global economy, Dameron notes that her industry has likewise expanded. Others are finding their way to play a role in assisting businesses to adapt and adjust multicultural working environments on an international level.

    “This is an exciting time for the multicultural training industry,” said Dameron. “20 years ago, I had to explain what multicultural intervention was all about.  Today all of the corporate leaders I speak to say they are engaged in some sort of multicultural professional activity.”

    Dameron says the key is to go beyond merely giving a catalogue listing of “dos and don’ts.” KD Conseil delivers facilitators who develop strategies to increase individual, team and overall organizational multicultural competence.

    “Keeping abreast of what is happening in the business world, as well as taking the time to interview managers and business leaders is key to any successful intervention,” said Dameron. “However, investing in your client by listening, to develop their skills and vision, that is what allows you to create leading edge impact intervention processes.”

    For further information, KD Conseil may be viewed on the Internet at www.kdconseil.com and contacted at Contact@kdconseil.com.

    About KD Conseil
    Kathleen Dameron holds degrees in cross-cultural communications from the University of Redlands Johnston College, and the University of Paris VIII, Dameron is certified as a Professional Credentialed Coach by the International Coaching Federation, and she holds certificates in the Gattegno Approach: the subordination of teaching to learning, Team Management Systems©, Success Insights©, Situational Leadership II©, The International Profiler©, Coaching & Modeling, and Self-Relations®.  In addition, Dameron has a Master level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.


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