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    26th Annual Youth Conference:  Dare to Dream

    LFCD 26th Annual Youth Conference Flyer

    LFCD 26th Annual Youth Conference Flyer


    Who:               LAO Family Community Development, Inc. https://lfcd.org


    What:             To help youth graduate from high school, continue to post-secondary educational programs, apply to credentialed occupational training programs, and find employment with career advancement on the path to self-sufficiency.


    When:             Friday, August 6, 2021, 10:00 am to 3:00pm


    Where:           LFCD’s CARE Community Center (free lunch included),  2325 E. 12th Street, Oakland, CA


    Images:           100-120 youth ages 16-24; educational, training and networking event. Target population is composed of ethnically and racially diverse, low- income youth, refugees, and immigrants who struggle to transition to higher education and meaningful long-term employment.


    Interviews:     LAO Family Community Development CEO Kathy Rothberg available either on-site (during the event) or by phone/Zoom.  To set an appointment with Kathy, call: (510)533-8850.     16-24 ethnically and racially diverse, low- income youth, refugees, and immigrants.

    About:            Lao Family Community Development

    MISSION       To advance the economic mobility and well-being of diverse communities through culturally informed specialized employment, housing, education, and support services.


    APPROACH Lao Family Community Development (Lao Family) values a comprehensive, integrated service model that engages individuals and family participation to achieve self-sufficiency and stability goals. Lao Family’s comprehensive approach strives to meet the immediate basic, long-term, and special needs of affected community members. Customized and holistic service plans incorporate workforce, education, housing, and support services, including health, income, and savings, to foster positive outcomes.


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