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    How Do Annual or Bi-Annual Checkups Help Save Lives?

    A hectic daily routine often prevents people from visiting their doctor for routine checkups.  

    Dr. Albert Arteaga, CEO of LaSalle Medical Associates, Inc., aptly captures the prevailing mindset: “Too many people stay away from a doctor’s office because they think if they feel okay, they don’t need to go in for an annual checkup. By the time they start to feel ill, they end up in the ER, and sometimes it’s just too late to save them.”

    This sentiment echoes a widespread misconception about health—the belief that if you’re not experiencing noticeable symptoms, there’s no need for a visit to the doctor. However, routine examinations are a crucial defense against potential health risks, offering an invaluable opportunity to catch issues in their early stages before they escalate into severe and sometimes irreversible conditions.

    In this blog post, we’ll discuss the misunderstanding surrounding the significance of diagnostic checkups. Let’s explore how these seemingly routine appointments are crucial in maintaining good health and, more importantly, saving lives.

    The Significance of Annual or Bi-Annual Checkups

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) emphasizes the need for regular annual or bi-annual checkups. These appointments enable your doctor to track crucial diagnostic indicators such as heart rate and blood pressure, allowing for timely interventions, including medication or treatment, to normalize these readings.

    Chronic diseases are a significant concern, with seven out of 10 U.S. deaths resulting from these conditions. Approximately half of the nation’s population has received a diagnosis of a chronic illness, which includes heart disease, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, and other preventable medical conditions.

    Despite these alarming statistics, only 25.2 percent, or one in four individuals, report having recently undergone a routine checkup. Astonishingly, regular cardiovascular examinations alone save tens of thousands of adult lives annually. Concurrently, vaccines play a pivotal role in preserving the lives of approximately 42,000 children each year, as highlighted by CDC data.

    The significance of annual or bi-annual preventive health screenings and primary care consultations extends beyond immediate health concerns. These practices have been shown to significantly enhance life expectancy.

    When Neglecting Annual or Bi-Annual Checkups Hits Too Close to Home

    Dr. Albert Arteaga empathizes with the misconception that keeps too many people away from the doctor’s office. “People often believe that if they feel okay, there’s no need for an annual checkup. However, when illness unexpectedly strikes, the absence of an established healthcare provider to address their needs becomes painfully apparent.”

    Having lost a sister to breast cancer, Dr. Arteaga has personally seen the consequences of neglecting routine medical checkups. He reflects on her reluctance to share crucial health information. “My sister never confided in me or her older sister, both of us doctors, about the lump on her breast. Later, we discovered she kept making excuses, saying ‘I bumped myself’ or ‘It’s just a bruise,’ ignoring it for over six months.”

    Dr. Arteaga stresses that there’s no valid reason for someone experiencing symptoms to delay seeing a doctor. Fortunately, the healthcare system in California has evolved. More people can access essential care without financial barriers, thanks to programs like Covered California and Medicaid.

    “Healthcare is no longer an out-of-reach luxury; it’s now available for everyone. Our dedicated staff is trained to assist uninsured individuals who come to our offices, helping them apply for coverage,” Dr. Arteaga emphasizes.

    Beyond acute care for immediate concerns, Dr. Arteaga and his compassionate team proactively engage individuals managing chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes. They prioritize regular checkups, ensuring that preventive health screenings become a routine safeguard against potential healthcare problems.

    For more information about LaSalle Medical Associates, Inc., call (855) 349-6019 or visit LaSalleMedical.com. It’s not just about checkups; it’s about a commitment to comprehensive and accessible healthcare for all.

    Learn More about Your Annual or Bi-Annual Medical Checkup Partner | LaSalle Medical Associates

    LaSalle Medical Associates, Inc. is one of the largest independent, Latino-owned healthcare organizations in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. LaSalle has more than 100 devoted healthcare professionals tirelessly working to provide comprehensive care to children, adults, and seniors across San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

    At LaSalle, our commitment to accessible healthcare means that we welcome people from all health plans including Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), and if you don’t have insurance we will help find health coverage for you and your family.

    In line with our dedication to comprehensive healthcare, LaSalle emphasizes the importance of regular health checkups. Annual or bi-annual checkups and preventive health screenings are integral to our gold standard of healthcare, ensuring that our patients receive proactive and personalized care to promote their well-being.

    Discover the LaSalle difference—where healthcare goes beyond boundaries to touch lives.