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    Black Teen Admitted to 18 Universities: Including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale

    Monique Vobecky

    17-year-old Black Glendora High School senior Monique Vobecky has a 4.7 Grade point average, is an award-winning athlete and philanthropist.

    17-year-old Black Glendora High School senior Monique Vobecky has a 4.7 Grade point average, is an award-winning athlete and philanthropist.

    (Glendora, Calif.) Being accepted by just one major university is a life-changing event for many high school students.  Monique Vobecky is in a very different position.

    Monique Vobecky a 17-year-old senior at Glendora High School, recently received her 18th acceptance letter, this one from another Ivy League University.  Many of the universities offered her full scholarships.

    “This completed 18-for-18 high profile universities that accepted her as a freshman for the 2021 school year,” said her mother, Bianca Vobecky.

    Monique is an excellent student with a 4.67 grade-point average, as well as an athlete and philanthropist.

    “This is unreal!” said Monique, who is 17.  “I cannot believe all the letters said, ‘accepted.’”

    Monique plans to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

    “I want the world to see that Black Girls are capable of amazing things.  We must be recognized and accepted for who we are and the talents, skills and passion we bring to the world…no matter how different we are… doctor, scientist, artist, musicians, or even a young poet like Amanda Gorman!”

    How did Monique become such a sought-after student?

    “She earned it,” said her father, Pete Vobecky.

    Monique fell in love with sports and started playing soccer at an early age.  She’s been a captain on the Glendora High soccer team where she excelled as the 2017-18 “Defensive player of the year,” and she was selected MVP of the Soccer team for the 2019-2020 school year.

    In 2018, Monique, then 14, created the Little Sunshine Foundation.  Her start-up was selected by the Glendora Chamber of Commerce as the ‘Nonprofit of the Year’ in 2019.

    The Little Sunshine Foundation’s mission is to provide underserved youths with the necessary resources to improve their quality of life through tutoring, increased access to sporting gear, civic engagement and leadership.

    Monique said she started the foundation because she believes “that every child deserves a little sunshine!”

    Her parents said Monique gets to decide which university she’ll attend since she is the one who put in all the work.  Although Obama did go to Harvard, one noted.

    “We don’t know all the reasons why all the universities accepted her.  What we know is that my daughter, a Black teenager from Glendora, California, put in the work to excel academically and take time to shine light in the lives of so many others,” said her mother, Bianca.

    Her father, Pete, said, “Maybe it is time for Monique to be given an opportunity to have the light shine brightly on her for a while.”

    Monique said she wants to major in medicine and become a doctor “to heal people and help them lead longer, happier lives.”

    Pressed to name the lucky university she’s chosen, Monique said she doesn’t know yet.  She said she’ll let friends, family and the universities know when she decides.

    The universities accepting Monique include:

    1. Harvard University
    2. Stanford University
    3. UC Berkeley
    4. UCLA
    5. Cornell
    6. Yale University
    7. Princeton University
    8. Cornell University
    9. Duke University
    10. Johns Hopkins University
    11. University of Southern California
    12. Northwestern University
    13. Brown University
    14. UC San Diego
    15. UC Santa Barbara
    16. UC Irvine
    17. Cal Poly SLO
    18. Cal State Long Beach