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    Helping Homeless Families Get Back in Control of Their Lives

    “All of us who are part of the Hospitality House team love being able to help families, get back in control of their lives.”

    (San Bernardino, Calif.) The San Bernardino Salvation Army Hospitality House stands ready to house homeless families and single women who need temporary, stable shelter. Their target population also includes multi-generational families, and single men with children as well.

    “The Salvation Army Hospitality House serves as a safe refuge that provides residents with a supportive, caring environment and all the resources they need to deal with a wide variety of personal and/or family problems. It all starts with an emergency shelter that can keep participants safely housed for 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on their circumstances,” says Program Manager Naomi Goforth.

    At intake, each new arrival is assessed by trained Salvation Army intake staff.  Once the scope of a client’s needs has been determined, each family is given a detailed individualized case plan and assigned to a case manager who will maintain close contact during their entire stay.

    Each family’s case plan includes comprehensive goals and objectives that cover their intake, transition to permanent housing, help finding a steady job, legal advocacy, child welfare aid, and education. Every resident is treated as an individual with individual needs and every case is different and gets a customized case plan.

    Amanda and her six children are graduates of the Salvation Army Hospitality House. They now live in there own apartment

    Amanda and her six children are graduates of the Salvation Army Hospitality House. They now live in their apartment

    “People who come to Hospitality House may have been sleeping in their cars or were recently released from a hospital. At intake, each new resident gets clothing, bed linens, hygiene products, and a chance to take a breath after whatever ordeal they have just gone through,” says Goforth.

    “I didn’t know what I was going to do,” says one recent Hospitality House graduate.

    “I’m a single mom and I lost my job during the pandemic. Thank goodness, at least my 15-year-old car was paid off and when we were no longer able to pay rent, that’s where we slept. I heard about Hospitality House from a friend and the people there have helped me find a new job, secure a place to live, and even got me enrolled in a course that’s going to add to my skill set so I can advance in my new-found career.”

    Goforth says, “Our residents don’t just sit around and spin their wheels. They actively work on their case plan. Our case managers are good at finding each individual’s motivation to resolve their homelessness and get back on their feet.”

    The Salvation Army Hospitality House Program Manager Naomi Goforth

    The Salvation Army Hospitality House Program Manager Naomi Goforth

    “Sometimes, that may include a referral to one of our partner agencies for things like mental health services, substance use, and legal aid. Whatever they need, we can either provide help in-house or get them connected to the right providers,” says Goforth.

    As current resident K.L. notes, “I had a pretty bad rent history and I knew not many landlords would want to take a chance on me, even though I now have a decent job. But the Salvation Army has helped me reestablish a better tenant history and now I have a place lined up to move to when my stay here ends next week.”

    In 2023 The Salvation Army served 26,013 people and 24,012 households, serving 110,768 meals, and donating groceries to 12,822 households.

    The Hospitality House provided 34,761 nights of shelter to families and children experiencing homelessness; 2,146 children participated in educational and recreational programs.

    To talk with a Hospitality House representative, call (909) 888-4880 or visit the website at SanBernardino.SalvationArmy.org/ 

    Learn More About the Salvation Army’s Mission

    About the Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the Universal Christian Church. One of the largest charitable and international service organizations in the world, The Salvation Army has been in existence since 1865 and in San Bernardino since 1887, supporting those in need without discrimination. To donate, call 1-800 SATRUCK.

    The Salvation Army of San Bernardino serves the cities of San Bernardino, Redlands, Highland, Rialto, Loma Linda, Colton, Yucaipa, Calimesa, Bloomington, Mentone, Grand Terrace, Muscoy and Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs.

    Media Contact

    Salvation Army-PR-1214.2  Hospitality House #1

    For interviews or more information call Carl Dameron

    @ (909) 534-9500

    Learn More About the Local Salvation Army

    PHOTO CAPTION: Majors Isaias (left) and Adelma Braga.

    Majors Isaias (left) and Adelma Braga.

    The Salvation Army has served San Bernardino since 1887. They support those in need without discrimination. The Salvation Army serves the cities of Big Bear, Blue Jay, Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, other mountain communities, Bloomington, Colton, Grand Terrace, Highland, Rialto, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, Mentone, Redlands, and San Bernardino.


    Stuff a plane with toys for The Salvation Army

    Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022 – 9 a.m. – 2 pm.

    • No-cost aircraft rides for ages 8-17. Registration: 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

    Redlands Municipal Airport, 1745 Sessums Drive, Redlands, CA

    From  Redlands Airport Association:

    The Redlands Airport Association is once again hosting a charity toy drive to benefit The Salvation Army San Bernardino Corps.

    “The Salvation Army has been helping families with holiday needs since 1891. The toys collected will go to kids in the local area.

    “Redlands EAA Chapter 845 will be holding a Young Eagles event that day starting at 9:00 am. Kids 8-17 can experience an aircraft ride at no cost and learn about aviation.

    “Kids must be accompanied by an adult. Registration is from 9-10am. For more information contact: Beverly 909-771-3279or Rick 909-223-0266

    “Santa Claus will be flying in to say hi to the kids, as well.

    “In the spirit of giving we will once again be hosting a LifeStream Blood Drive. Consider donating as their is a severe shortage of blood. You may save a life! The bloodmobile will be onsite between 10am -2:30 pm.

    “Walk-in’s are welcome but appointments are highly recommended. You can make an appointment to donate at: https://giftoflife.lstream.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/104632

    “The RAA will be cooking up a barbecue lunch starting at 11 am and going until 2.

    “Pilots from local airports are welcome to fly-in, show off their plane and donate a toy.

    “The event is open to families and members of the local community. Come on out and enjoy the fun! Please bring a new unwrapped toy and support this wonderful campaign.

    “Be a Hero and Donate a New Unwrapped Toy for Kids in Need!

    “Admission is free, but guests are asked to bring a new unwrapped toy to donate.

    “The event includes:

    • EAA Young Eagles Flights
    • A Visit from Santa
    • Blood Drive
    • Food for Purchase”


    Non-Profit Organization Takes Action to Combat Homeless Crisis in San Bernardino and Support Local Veterans

    Reaching New Heights Foundation Hosts Stand Down Outreach Event for Veterans and Homeless in San Bernardino 

    Non-Profit Organization Takes Action to Combat Homeless Crisis in San Bernardino and Support Local Veterans 

    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (August 24, 2022)—Reaching New Heights Foundation (RNHF), a nonprofit veteran organization, is hosting a Veterans Stand Down and Homeless Resource Event on Wednesday, October 12, 2021, at Perris Hill Park in San Bernardino. The one-day event is designed to support Inland Empire veterans and to provide much-needed resources to the area’s homeless population. 

    On average, there are 960 veterans a year who are homeless in San Bernardino. The 2020 San 

    Bernardino Homeless Count Survey shows the homeless count in 2020 increased 19.9% over 2019. RNHF is hoping the Veteran Stand Down event will be a way to take action against the extensive homeless issue that has been referred to as a “human services crisis.” 

    “We believe in making a difference so we’re bringing over sixty different service providers to one place. We are asking that the providers not just hand out information, but provide on-site services,” said RNHF Founder and CEO Sgt. Major (Ret.) Gregory Coker. “Normally it would take a veteran or a homeless individual several months to receive this kind of service we’re providing in one day.” 

    In the military, a stand down is an opportunity to pause and regroup to help those in need. With this Veterans Stand Down event, two underserved and at-risk populations—veterans and the homeless—will be able to regroup with access to an abundance of resources. 

    “Veterans will receive surplus clothing, access to medical and dental service, counseling and more. The homeless will receive free food, clothing, haircuts, medical checkups, and showers, said Coker. “We want to give our homeless and veterans a hand up, not a handout.” 

    RNHF is collaborating with local city, county, state, and federal organizations to host the event. 

    Key supporters include San Bernardino County Veterans Affairs, VA Loma Linda Veteran Health Care System, The Salvation Army, United Way, Goodwill, IEHP, Molina Healthcare, San Manuel Casino and Volunteers for Veterans Foundation. 

    After the event, RNHF is committed to following up on the success of all individuals who register to receive help and will provide 6 -12 months of additional support. 


    October 12, 2022 

    Perris Hill Park 

    1135 E. Highland Ave. San Bernardino, CA 92408 10:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 

    Event Website: standdownvet.com 


    About Reaching New Heights Foundation 

    Founded in 2013, Reaching New Heights Foundation, Inc. is an award-winning non-profit organization created by a veteran for veterans. It proudly helps Inland Empire veterans successfully transition from active-duty military service, incarceration, or homelessness to life as civilians and productive members of society. Reaching New Heights assists nearly 300 veterans a month with a variety of services including housing, jobs, educational resources, mentorships and more. For more information visit www.rnhf.org 


    Press Contact: Sgt. Major Greg Coker

    320 N. E. St.,
    San Bernardino, CA 92401

    (909) 518-4951 info@rnhf.org

    Kelly Erving Announces Run for Rialto City Council



     " I am dedicated to the City of Rialto and all of its residents; I chose to reside in Rialto due to its limitless potential and the diversity of its residents,” said Dr. Kelly Erving

    Dr. Kelly Erving runs for Rialto City Council on a platform that includes improving the city’s infrastructure and using incentives to attract more local businesses.

     ” I am dedicated to the City of Rialto and all of its residents; I chose to reside in Rialto due to its limitless potential and the diversity of its residents,” said Kelly Erving.

    RIALTO, CALIF. Rialto City Council candidate Kelly Erving’s platform has five priorities: help the homeless, enhance public safety, grow local business, ensure a living wage for Rialto workers and improve the city’s infrastructure. Her campaign slogan reflects these initiatives: “Committed to the Community.”

    “If elected to City Council, my objective is to seek innovative, yet achievable, solutions to Rialto’s challenges,” said Dr. Erving. She proposes to tackle the homeless challenge by working with local nonprofit organizations to get them off the streets and into stable living quarters.

    Erving works with the underserved and vulnerable subsets of society on a daily basis as an employee of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services. “I am committed to seeing that every Rialto worker, public or private, is paid a living wage. I want the City to provide improved infrastructure, enhanced public safety and attractive incentives that encourage the growth of local businesses.”

    " I am dedicated to the City of Rialto and all of its residents; I chose to reside in Rialto due to its limitless potential and the diversity of its residents,” said Dr. Kelly Erving

    ” I am dedicated to the City of Rialto and all of its residents; I chose to reside in Rialto due to its limitless potential and the diversity of its residents,” said Dr. Kelly Erving

    Dr. Erving’s academic credentials include a Master of Public Administration; a B.A. in Political Science (with a minor in Women’s Studies), and a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership.

    Rialto Mayor Deborah Robertson and a number of others have endorsed Erving, seeing her as a “Go-To” expert in operations, policy analysis and the implementation of county, state, and federal programs and policies.

    ” I am dedicated to the City of Rialto and all of its residents; I chose to reside in Rialto due to its limitless potential and the diversity of its residents,” said Kelly Erving

    For more information on Kelly Erving’s candidacy, visit her website at Kelly4RialtoCC.com.