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    Who Is Trying to Take Advantage of this 74-year-old Retiree?

    Dr. Vivian Joneswhye-Brock

    Dr. Vivian Joneswhye-Brock


    (Moreno Valley, Calif.) Dr. Vivian Joneswhye-Brock was enjoying her retirement after a career in the military and in teaching. With her doctorates in Theology and Psychology, she enjoyed reading, networking, and collaborating with people and children helping them overcome stress through animal ministry. She has been extraordinarily successful in overcoming her post traumatic stress disorder by not just working with animals but with all of God’s creatures and enjoying the beauty of nature. She has been so successful with this technique and our own personal life, she wanted and continued to share her knowledge with others.

    Dr. Joneswhye- Brock’s love for her environment, all creatures and nature challenged her to pursue her doctorate in theology and psychology. Now, Dr. Joneswhye-Brock has talked on a radio station, done podcasting, and lectured on the importance of ministering not only to humans but all of the Creator’s creations.

    But, in 2019 her kitchen was damaged when a water pipe burst inside a wall of her two-story home affecting her kitchen. She submitted a claim to her insurance company that she has had for over 42 years. Her insurance company sent the plumber to fix the leak, a restoration company to remove the damages caused by the water and allowed her to choose the company to reconstruct the kitchen as it was before the damage.

    Things went downhill from there.

    She looked around and hired a local firm, Delta Restoration and Construction in Beaumont, also known as exclusive property restoration and construction. Exclusive property restoration and construction is a company that does several things. She said “Had I known that this company was a Jack of all trades and a master of none… I would have never hired them.” After they came out and took pictures to prepare an estimate, they promised to do the job the work correctly and speedily. That didn’t happen.

    Instead, she got poor workmanship. Since part of her kitchen tile had to be removed, she was told she would get new counter and backsplash tile since her tile was obsolete. And one small cabinet wall had to be rebuilt.

    This company ended up putting tile that did not match her existing tile, building a new wall cabinet to match the cabinet door. Then they changed the estimate order without her knowledge or consent…took all of her twenty-seven other cabinet doors and painted them a glossy white. Leaving all twelve of her drawers a cream color as well as the cabinetry. While removing and replacing the kitchen doors, exclusive property restoration also known as delta exclusive property restoration damaged her penny floor. Did they take responsibility and repair the damage? Not at all.

    So, Dr. Joneswhye- Brock paid half of the estimate and wanted to use the remaining to repair the damages and poor workmanship done by exclusive property restoration and construction also known as delta restoration and construction.

    Delta Restoration and Construction also AKA Exclusive Property Construction and Restoration said that they would not take part they wanted all of the insurance money and would not accept responsibilities for any damages they did or poor workmanship at all. She said no way, they then slapped a mechanics lean on her property. This company did unauthorized work on an unauthorized change order. Exclusive Property Restoration and Construction also took two months to do what was supposed to be only a two-week project.

    Dr. Joneswhye-Brock had told them that time was of the essence, and she was planning a party for her Doctorate graduation in mid-August 2019. She signed the contract on July 3, 2019, Exclusive Property Restoration and Construction did not even send any estimate to her insurance company until July 30, 2019. Her insurance company takes like most insurance company ten business days to process the claim. Her insurance company processed the claim on August 14, 2019, and a check on the claim was issued on August 20th 2019… after her graduation ceremony date.

    When Dr. Joneswhye Brock tried to go pro per, the legal system was extremely complicated, and a lawyer was needed. She hired Darren Trone from prepaid legal to assist and that turned out to be a substandard move.

    He quoted her a fee of $20,000 to manage her case. The bill currently stands at $37,000 and does not include the latest court appearance. A final verdict is expected by May 11,2022 for the attorneys are presenting written closing arguments. No doubt that will add more billable hours to pad his bill. The court’s presiding commissioner noted that attorney Trone was dragging out the case longer than it needed to be.

    This same attorney had actually told Dr. Joneswhye-Brock he would resign if she did not pay additional pretrial fees of $16,000 from her case after one court appearance. Dr. Brock called the agency that had referred her to Trone to complain.

    We’ll never know for sure, but to an outsider looking in, it seems that they might have contacted Trone and urged him to reconsider. In fact, he did, and he went to court with Dr. Brock to present evidence supporting her claim.

    Included in Trone’s bill is $600 for at least three briefcase to carry all the evidence that Dr. Brock provided in and digital format. For whatever reason, the attorney decided to make it into written format which created books at least 13 to 14 inches thick. There is additional question as to why that was necessary since we are in the age of a paperless society and the courtroom definitely had an Elmo dictation projector to connect to the computer. One wonders how big a collection of briefcases this attorney may have in his closet.

    Dr. Joneswhye-Brock is working double time to earn money to fight her case period to satisfy the lien she would have to cash in her stock portfolio and her IRA. This widow a disabled veteran this Navy veteran herself and retired schoolteacher this 74-year-old African American woman who is an upstanding citizen is being taken advantage of by unethical people. Now start up here stop

    Some justice may be served soon, but there is more to this ongoing story yet to be told.