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    Creating an Advertising Campaign That WORKS – Ad Development

     (San Bernardino, CA)  “We are all products. Remember that. As an advertising and public relations creative director, my product is problem solving, knowledge and creativity,” said Carl M. Dameron creative director and founder of Dameron Communications.
    “I am going to tell you how to develop an advertising and public relations program to effectively reach your target market, create a positive image of a business in the community and entice the market to buy more of your products, goods and/or services,” said Dameron.
    This series has been going for several weeks.  Go to the website for the entire backlog at
    at DameronCommunications.com/blog

    Layout 1
    This January 2012 ad uses the campaign theme for the Magnolia at Highland – “Affordable Luxury”.  We also target seniors by saying, “For ages 62 and better”.  The campaign was very successful. The senior apartments have 100+ person waiting list.

    Ad development
    This is where your research bears fruit. Take the information obtained through your research that tells you who your customer is, what they like, and what they like about your products and services to develop a campaign theme to reach your target market.
    This theme must translate well into print, radio, television, your website, billboards, Email, social networks, and direct mail to grab the target’s attention and leave the right impression. If you need help to develop your ads use: and ad agency, freelance artists, university students or talk to your newspaper or radio representative.
    You can also call Dameron Communications to help you develop your plan.
    Campaign goal
    We know the goal is to increase sales and profit:

    • But of what product ?   You want to include all of them but really pick one.
    • Of what service?  Again I know, you want to include all of them, but again pick one.
    • Where is it?  Where are your locations or do you come to me?
    • When do customers want to buy your stuff? — Winter, spring, summer or fall?

    Start by reviewing your sales and promote your most popular product or the thing you are known for.
    80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers.  Define who the 20 percent are, what they want and create your campaign to go after more people like them!
    For Argosy University they are highly recognized for their Postgraduate degrees in Psychology, Education and Business, that’s their 20 percent.  So our goal was to increase enrollment in those programs.  They also have bachelors degree completion programs and other offerings.
    Slogans – “Campaigns that work!”  That’s the Dameron Communications slogan
    How do you start?  Try creating a quick five-second description of what you do that makes your customer feel better good about buying your product.  Then massage it into a slogan.
    Here are some examples.

    • For SpeakerCraft we created the slogan “The Art of Sound”.  They sell speakers and high-end stereo equipment.  Not just things to make music, but things to make music sound exceptionally great.


    • For the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health AIDS program the slogan was “Know your Status”.  We show multiethnic real people and ask the question: “Are you HIV Positive of Negative?”
    HIV/AIDS Bus Shelter
    Are you HIV Positive of Negative?  Do you know?  You should know.  Take control.  Get checked for free at the San Bernardino County Health Department.


    • For The Magnolia at Highland the slogan is “Affordable Luxury”.   This project is a low income senior citizen complex, however it is designed and built like a luxury resort.  So we sold it that way.   We used the images reserved for luxury spas and luxury resorts, people in the pool, the cabañas and the beautiful entry.  Instead of 62 and older we came up with 62 and Better.


    The Magnolia at Highlands Senior Citizen Apartments Grand Opening invitation created for Western Seniors Housing
    The Magnolia at Highland Senior Citizen Apartments’ Grand Opening invitation created for Western Seniors Housing.  It clearly shows the luxury features available in the Senior Apartments.
    • For Argosy University it’s “Education that Works.”  This slogan has multiple meanings.  Not only does the education help you be a better person, but the reason many people get a post-graduate degree is to get a better job and make more money, so having a degree from Argosy helps to get you more work.  The other issue with Universities new to the area is the question of trust. We included the line “quality Education for over 30 years in Psychology, Education and Business” to demonstrate that Argosy was not a new University, just new to the area.  This line is to solidify the brand and increase trust.  The campaign increase enrollment 450 percent and made the campus the fastest growing start up the history of 22 campus system.
    • Yes, it does sound like our slogan.  Argosy abandoned it and so we picked it up.  Waste not, want not.
    Education That Works was the Slogan we created for Argosy University
    “Education That Works” was the slogan we created for Argosy University. This is the billboard we created, we also created newspaper ads, plus magazine and radio commercials.

    Good luck, and remember the target for your slogan is your customers, not you!
    To Be Effective In Advertising, Plan And Be Consistent.

    Display your slogan everywhere. This is the email signature for Dameron Communications

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    For a free one-hour consultation call Carl M. Dameron at (909) 534-9500.
    For a free copy of “Effective Advertising & Public Relations” click here to download: DC-701 Effective advertising-legal 51211.
    Effective Advertising & Public Relation prints on legal paper

    2012 Census of Governments: Finance — Survey of Public Pensions: State-Administered Defined Benefit Data

    This release provides a comprehensive look at the financial selling annuities activity and membership information of the nation’s 227 state-administered defined benefit retirement systems.
    Statistics are shown at the national and state levels for revenues, expenditures, cash and investment holdings, membership and beneficiaries. This information includes actuarial liability statistics, which project bail bonds orange county the total obligation required to cover costs for providing pensions to former and present employees.
    For more information on the review of iq option , go to http://www.census.gov/govs/retire/state_retire.html. or click here

    CalState Radio Consultant Is New President of Local Advertising Club

    Lacey Kendall new AAF president

    Lacey Kendall new AAF president

    Contact John Barry,
    AAF public relations

    (San Bernardino, CA)  Lacey Kendall, a radio consultant and broadcast advisor at Cal State San Bernardino has been named president of the Inland Empire Chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF).
    Kendall served as vice president of the AAF last year where she played a key role in the annual ADDY awards, a gala that recognizes excellence in advertising throughout the Inland Empire.  She also helped organize monthly educational programs and fundraising events for the local chapter.
    “I’m so excited to serve as president of the AAF for this coming year.  This chapter has a long history of service to the advertising community in the Inland Empire and I am looking forward to continuing that tradition.”
    Her goals for the coming year are, “To increase membership, host an incredible ADDY award competition and strengthen relationships with local colleges and universities who offer advertising as an academic major,” says Kendall.
    “We also believe that advertising students should be better connected to the professional organization that represents their industry.  This year we’re going to work to improve those relationships with this AAF chapter and increase the academic scholarships we already offer to deserving advertising students.”
    Kendall, 52, of North Rialto became interested in radio broadcasting at San Bernardino Valley College in 1979 where she hosted ‘Bluegrass Alive!’  Since then she has worked as a producer, manager and on-air host for radio stations in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties.
    Hired to cast voices for worldwide radio and TV commercials at Voice Over LA Studios in Hollywood, she worked on the George H.W. Bush presidential campaign and with clients such as Nike, Touchstone Pictures, Men’s Health Magazine and McDonalds.
    In 1994 she started 909Creative, an Inland Empire commercial production company.  She has also taught radio broadcasting at San Bernardino Valley College and at the University of LaVerne.  And in 2003 she worked with American radio news legend Daren Lane to build KCAA/NBC News Radio where she served as operations manager.
    In 2007 Kendall was hired as the broadcast consultant at Cal State San Bernardino, where today she advises over 140 students who are studying broadcasting, marketing, advertising and station management.  Her duties include managing Coyote Radio, the Cal State radio station, and she produces My Awesome Empire, a radio show about the Inland Empire and the Isla Earth Radio Series, broadcast over 300 stations in the U.S. and heard by over seven million weekly listeners.  Additionally she continues to host a Saturday show on 96.7 KCAL Rocks where she first worked 33 years ago.
    Kendall was born in Lakewood, Ca. and grew up in Rialto.  She earned a B.A. in radio broadcasting from the University of La Verne and a M.A in Communications from Cal State San Bernardino.


    Carl Dameron

    Dameron Says The Secret To Increased Sales – Ask for More Customers

    CSA DUI ad 1

    “The Community Settlement Association is increasing attendance in their DUI program by asking for more people to attend. Advertising works when it’s done right,” says Carl Dameron.

    (SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.)   With 24 months of increased employment and retail sales it is quite clear we are in an economic  recovery.  “But tough economic times convinced  too many companies stop advertising their business, or they cut their public relations budget because its easier than cutting people,” says Carl M. Dameron, founder and Creative Director of Dameron Communications, (DameronCommunications.com) a leading public relations and advertising agency serving California.
    “The problem is many companies have been so lean for so long they have forgotten they must increase their ad budget to get more customers.  They are still in survival mode and afraid to advertise.  Waiting could very well be the wrong thing to do now,” said Dameron.
    A free brochure from Dameron Communications, Effective Advertising & Public Relations, outlines a step-by-step program to effectively reach a company’s target market, create a positive image of the business and entice their target market to use their products and services.
    According to Dameron the solution to increasing business in a changing economy is to change your advertising strategy. “The recession is ending and pent up demand is driving increased traffic and sales at many businesses. Buyers are redefining their purchases based on what they need, not just want.
    Dameron offers more solutions to energize or create and implement an effective advertising and public relations strategy.
    The program consists of four major components: research, ad development, media planning and placement and finally ad monitoring for effectiveness.  While a successful campaign fulfills all four components, a combination of effective planning and consistency is also required to be effective.
    Additionally, Dameron’s guide gives information on developing effective public relations, government relations and community relations strategies.
    Effective Ad and PR Strategies prints on legal paper

    Effective Ad and PR Strategies prints on legal paper

    Dameron goes one step further. “If your business needs help sorting out your media options or creating a new message, we will provide you a free one-hour consultation on your advertising, public relation plan.”
    For a free copy of Effective Advertising & Public Relations go on line to DameronCommunications.com.  For a free one-hour consultation call Carl Dameron  at (909) 534-9500.
    The Dameron Communications Difference
    Dameron Communications’ inspired Advertising; public relations, community relations and government relations work has been winning awards and client accolades for more than 20 years.  Uniquely, we blend unsurpassed relationships with proven advertising and public relations methods to deliver winning and measurable results.
    We serve clients who make the world a better place – small business or large, government or non-profit, product, service or cause primarily in California’s Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.
    For more information or a free one-hour consultation call us in (909) 534-9500.
    Click her to download the PDF: DC-711 legal effective advertising web

    Jazz and Wine Festival to Benefit Local Foster Children

    “Join us for a great night of Jazz from “One Touch Management” and Wine Tasting from Wine Guyz at the Edwards Mansion,” said Knotts.  At Edwards Mansion in Redlands on Saturday, August 17, at 7:00 p.m. For more information please call:  Sandy Oquin at (909) 880-0600 or go online to http://www.KnottsFamilyAgency.org

    “Join us for a great night of Jazz from “One Touch Management” and Wine Tasting from Wine Guyz at the Edwards Mansion,” said Knotts.  At Edwards Mansion in Redlands on Saturday, August 17, at 7:00 p.m.
    For more information please call: Sandy Oquin at (909) 880-0600 or go online to http://www.KnottsFamilyAgency.org

    Jazz Flyers Children Ready for Email

    Knotts-PR-112.1 Jazz

    For More information call

    Carl M. Dameron@(909) 534-9500

    For Immediate Release


    Jazz and Wine Festival to Benefit Local Foster Children


    (Redlands, CA)  Knotts Family Agency hosts their annual Summer Soiree Jazz and Wine Tasting “Under the Stars” at Edwards Mansion in Redlands on Saturday, August 17, at 7:00 p.m.; Tickets are $40 per person.
    Knotts Family Agency works with the Department of Children & Family Services both in San Bernardino and Riverside to identify Homes & Families for Foster children of all ages.
    Proceeds will help local foster children experience ‘Cultural Enrichment’ in activities such as sports, book clubs, music lessons, music festivals, trips to museums and art galleries.  “The enhanced cultural exposure will have a significant positive impact on our children’s lives,” said Gwen Knotts, CEO of Knotts Family Agency.
    Edwards Mansion’s beautiful Victorian Tea Garden is the site for The Summer Soiree.  The Garden has a picturesque fountain, hand-painted tiles in romantic motif, shade trees, colorful flowers and vine-covered arbors combine to create an elegant setting.
    “Join us for a great night of Jazz from “One Touch Management” and Wine Tasting from Wine Guyz at the Edwards Mansion.
    For more information please call:  Sandy Oquin at (909) 880-0600 or go online to http://www.KnottsFamilyAgency.org
    Please Make Checks payable to:  Knotts Family Agency, 1505 W. Highland Ave., San Bernardino, CA  92411


    CSA Ads and Flyers

    CSA DUI ad 1

    Recruitment ads for the DUI program at the Community Settlement Association. For more information call Carl Dameron @ 909-534-9500.

    Recruitment ads for the DUI program at the Community Settlement Association.  For more information call Carl Dameron @ 909-534-9500.

    Recruitment ads for the DUI program at the Community Settlement Association. For more information call Carl Dameron @ 909-534-9500.

    Community Settlement Association Ads

    Recruitment flyers and ads for the DUI program at the Community Settlement Association.  For more information call Carl Dameron @ 909-534-9500.

    Recruitment flyers and ads for the DUI program at the Community Settlement Association. For more information call Carl Dameron @ 909-534-9500.

    Recruitment flyers and ads for the Family Counseling program at the Community Settlement Association.  For more information call Carl Dameron @ 909-534-9500.
    Recruitment flyers and ads for the Family Counseling program at the Community Settlement Association. For more information call Carl Dameron @ 909-534-9500.


    Ad Club Speaker to Discuss Google Shopping & ecommerce on June 13

    For more Information call
    Carl Dameron @ (909) 534-9500

    (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) A luncheon speaker will discuss how to master the new Google Shopping for ecommerce on June 13 at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Rancho Cucamonga.  It is open to the public and registration begins at 11:30AM.

    The presentation by Andrew David,  “How To Make Google Shopping Work,” is directed at marketing managers, agencies, business owners, paid search managers and ecommerce managers who control ecommerce websites.  It is sponsored by the Inland Empire Chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF).
    Davis is the author of Merchant Comparison Shopping Handbook, the first handbook on comparison shopping engines for online retailers.  He is also a columnist for Search Engine Watch.
    At CPC Strategy in San Diego, Davis is a marketing manager who focuses on full service comparison shopping for online retailers.  He was previously an account consultant to enterprise online retailers and marketing agencies.  His presentation will explain questions that should be asked before launching an online ecommerce campaign.
    “If you are involved with marketing an ecommerce website, you should attend this luncheon,” said John McCarthy, Vice President of the local ad club.  “Google Shopping replaced Google Products and today has fewer retailers than before, which means less competition.  But optimizing your campaigns is the key to success.  Come learn how to design your strategy at this luncheon.”
    Early bird registration is $20 for ad club members and the general public before June 7.  After that, the cost is $25 for members and $30 for the public.  To register online, visit https://www.runmyclub.com/aafie/eventcalendar.asp or http://aaf-inlandempire.com/  The Old Spaghetti Factory is located at 11886 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga.


    Political and Community Leaders, and Senator Richard D. Roth join GRID Alternatives IE to celebrate Earth Day 2013 at Solar Install and Open House!

    Earth Day cropped.49a6fe6ac02458bc32e0288f567c1a5a307
    (Jurupa Valley, CA)  GRID Alternatives Inland Empire held its Earth Day Installation and Open House on Friday, April 19, 2013 attracting a veritable who’s who of distinguished political leaders and representatives from the California Congress, Assembly and Senate.
    Local elected officials from City of Jurupa Valley City Council, as well as community leaders also joined in this historic day. GRID Alternatives is a non-profit organization that brings the benefits of solar power to low-income communities. The event gave attendees the opportunity to see first-hand how GRID Alternatives makes every day Earth Day by witnessing a solar system being placed on the roof, the impact of job trainees receiving invaluable workforce development at no cost, and the hardworking and deserving family who will save on their electric bill while positively contributing to the environment.
    To commemorate this landmark event State Senator Richard D. Roth from the Thirty-First Senate District attended and was the special guest speaker! “I am grateful for the opportunity to see the teamwork and commitment of GRID Alternatives during the solar panel installation in Jurupa Valley. It is very impressive to see the work GRID Alternatives is doing throughout Inland Southern California and what solar energy is doing to save working families money through lower energy bills. GRID Alternatives helps create excellent partnerships to build strong families and communities throughout our region and throughout California.”
    The event provided the opportunity to share the success story of past volunteer and team leader, Carmen Valles, who as a result of the “classroom on the roof” workforce development experience, was able to be hired on full time within the Solar Industry and proudly declared, “they helped me re-invent myself from a ex-bank executive to a fully rounded solar employee. Carmen also shared with the crowd, “Grid Alternatives I. E. is known for reducing one of the most expensive utility bills, electricity, but at the same time they are simultaneously training an army of Solar Installers.”
    Also in attendance from the Sixtieth District, where the Habitat for Humanity Home is located, was AssemblyMember Eric Linder and Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Riverside, Karin Roberts. Joining them were representatives from AssemblyMember Cheryl Brown of the Forty-Seventh District, Congressman Mark Takano of the Forty-first district, The California Public Utilities Commission, and the Morongo Band of Mission Indians.
    The Earth Day Event installed a 3.2 kW solar electric system which will generate more than 170,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy over the system’s lifetime. This equals over $29,800 in total savings for the family. In addition, 101 tons of greenhouse gas emissions will be prevented over the systems’ lifetimes, equivalent to planting 2,365 trees.
    This solar installation was made possible in part by a grant from the S.L. Gimbel Foundation Advised Fund at the Community Foundation serving the Counties of Riverside and San Bernardino.
    For more information on GRID Alternatives or to find out if Solar Panels are right for your home call 888-496-4743.
    About GRID Alternatives
    GRID Alternatives is a non-profit organization that brings the benefits of solar technology to low-income communities. Using a barn-raising model, GRID Alternatives leads teams of volunteers and job trainees to install solar power on qualifying homes, providing needed savings for families struggling to make ends meet while preparing workers for jobs in the fast-growing solar industry and cleaning our air.
    More than 3000 California families have benefitted from the program to date, saving more than $82 million in lifetime electricity costs, and more than 11,500 people have received hands-on solar installation experience. Here in the Inland Empire, more than 430 families have been served to-date, for a combined lifetime savings of over $14 million.
    for more information call
    Carl Dameron at (909) 534-9500