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    Cheryl R. Brown Dameron Communications Government Relations Director

    Cheryl R. Brown  Dameron Communications Government Relations Director

    Cheryl R. Brown, Dameron Communications Government Relations Director

    Cheryl Brown is a former Assemblywoman, publisher, small business owner and current California State Commissioner on Aging who has devoted the majority of her life on public service.
    She has been recognized by countless local, state and national organizations for her work on behalf of the community in various capacities as an elected official and community volunteer.
    Cheryl leads the Government team helping clients win their government objectives.
    Prior to being elected to the Assembly, she was a publisher of the Black Voice News in Riverside, CA.
    Government/Community Relations Proficiencies
    • Development, implementation and management of strategic plans and programs to achieve the clients’ goals.
    • Oversee the community organizing campaigns.
    • Conduct policy advocacy activities regarding development, construction, education, entertainment, environment and public health policy issues.
    • Implement program evaluation activities and prepare written and oral reports for various purposes.
    • Serve as the primary spokesperson for the community campaigns to boards, media, business and community leaders, other organizations, elected officials and government agency representatives.

    For more information on advertising and public relations call Carl M. Dameron at (909) 534-9500 or email Carl@DameronCommunications.com


    About Dameron Communications

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