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    (San Bernardino, CA) – Carl Dameron, president of Dameron Communications, has been nominated for recognition in the Fourth Annual Spirit of the Entrepreneur awards sponsored by California State University, San Bernardino.

    The award honors local business people who have overcome challenges and given back to their community.

    “I am honored to be considered for this award,” Dameron said. Dameron said he also appreciates how this awards program promotes an awareness of entrepreneurship among the Inland Empire’s youth.

    “They need to realize there are successful professionals who live right down the street from them,” he said.

    Dameron, 47, established Dameron Communications in 1989 after a marketing campaign for his former employer, AutoSound, increased that company’s profits by 250 percent. Despite his marketing success, Auto Sound was not able to keep Dameron on the payroll, so he parlayed that success into a business that has helped many other companies and non-profit organizations reach new customers.

    Dameron has also worked as a journalist before, both on radio and newspaper. That experience still helps him in dealing with media.

    “I see things with a journalist’s eye,” he said.

    Some of Dameron’s earliest customers were in the automotive business, and while he has had large corporations as clients, today’s clients include non-profit organizations that pay a reduced rate. Dameron doesn’t charge them full price because he believes they are performing important services for the community.

    For instance, the African-American Health Initiative promotes that African Americans in San Bernardino County will die, on average, 13 years before those of other races. The average African-American man in this county will not live to see his 56th birthday.

    As the father of two young girls, Dameron does not want to be part of that statistic.

    “I want to see my daughters graduate from high school,” he said. “I want to walk them to the altar on their wedding days.” Dameron also is an event producer.

    The largest event he is involved with is the Inland Empire Diversity Job Fairs, and he assists the Inland Empire African-American Chambers of Commerce in bringing these to various San Bernardino and Riverside County locations. In the 14 years, they have helped thousands of residents find jobs close to home.

    “People should be able to work where they live,” Dameron said. “The job fairs help local employers meet face to face with local people.”

    Even though Dameron has recently started another business, 909Models.com, his workforce is still small, with just four full-time employees. The employees keep busy all day, and are talented at what they do, freeing them to concentrate on increasing business.

    “I hire good people and stay out of their way,” he said. Frank Doughton, an account executive with the Riverside Press-Enterprise, nominated Dameron for this award.

    “Carl has done so much, with his agency, the job fairs, starting 909Models.com and his agency,” Doughton said. “He has been out there, taking the risks, and I just think it’s time he got some recognition.”

    Michael Stull, director of the Inland Center for Entrepreneurship, started this recognition program soon after coming to CSUSB in 2002. His university began the program with assistance from the Press-Enterprise, which continues to be a co-sponsor. Other sponsors this year include Arrowhead Credit Union, Citizens Business Bank, Citibank, Inland Empire National Bank, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Varner Saleson and Brandt LLP, Soren McAdam Christenson LLP, Family Business Partnership, Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce, Glencrest Investment Advisors, the Riverside Convention Center, Wilkin Guge Marketing, KVCR, KTIE, and Milestone Media.

    Stull said this program not only promotes awareness of the Center for Entrepreneurship but also provides role models to CSUSB students interested in starting their businesses.

    “Students need to know about the great things people are doing right here,” he said.

    The deadline to nominate an entrepreneur is Aug. 15. To do so, go to www.inlandspiritawards.com

    For more information, call Stull at (909)) 537-3708

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