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    Looking for a Speaker on Advertising and Public Relations?

    advertising and public relations

    Carl Dameron, creative director of Dameron Communications. “Sharing your stories is fun. Let me share the secrets of successful public relations and advertising.

    (San Bernardino, Calif.)  Businesses, government and civic groups that want to liven up their meetings with an interesting and informative advertising and public relations speaker should choose Carl Dameron, creative director of Dameron Communications.

    Dameron has run his own public relations firm for more than 30 years, and during that time he has shared his expertise on what makes a good story with everyone from local political candidates to national logistics firms.

    “The same elements that make interesting news releases also make good speeches, Dameron said. “In my presentations, I mix humor with a clear, direct message while delivering information you can put to work right away!”

    Dameron will explain how important it is to get in front of a story to drive national and regional advertising, public relations and news coverage.

    “People who hear me speak should leave with a better understanding of how to improve their own advertising and public relations efforts,” Dameron said. “Sharing your stories should be fun. Let me share the secrets behind successful public relations and advertising.

    Getting the attention of the news media is not easy.

    Editors, reporters and media managers are constantly bombarded with e-mails from PR people. Most are spiked right away, but releases from Dameron Communications always get a second look.

    How? Carl Dameron understands news and knows how to work with busy news professionals.

    advertising and public relations

    Dameron Communications has served Southern California clients since 1989

    Dameron is available to speak on several advertising and public relations topics including:

    • Advertising – How to create advertising that works — from flyers to TV commercials and everything in between
    • Public Relations – How to get media coverage and increase the positive perception of your organization
    • Government Relations – How to get elected officials to listen and how to leverage their influence
    • Community Relations – How get the community to understand and support your goals and objectives

    Dameron Communications clients include LaSalle Medical Associates, Inc., The City and County of San Bernardino, County of Riverside, RD-ICO, Moreno Valley Unified School District, Rialto Unified School District, Sprint, California Portland Cement Company, the AQMD, Dukes-Dukes and Associates, Inc., Toyota of San Bernardino, The Salvation Army and many more…

    Call (909) 534-9500 or email Carl@DameronCommunications.com to book your presentation.


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