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    Carl M. Dameron of Dameron Communications Shares How He Overcomes Adversity

    Carl Dameron, creative director of Dameron Communications. “Sharing your stories is fun. Let me share the secrets behind successful public relations and advertising.

    To the people who know and work with him, Carl M. Dameron is a dynamic, hard-driving, award-winning advertising and public relations expert with more than 30 years of success helping organizations and people throughout California meet their goals.

    He is also a cancer survivor. In this edition of SoCal Voices, Carl shares the story of starting and growing his company, how he dealt with his cancer diagnosis and offers sage advice for anyone facing a challenge.

    Watch here: https://www.socalvoices.com/episodes/carl-cameron

    Website: dameroncommunications.com

    Instagram: @carldameron

    Twitter: @carldameron

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DameronCommunications

    Dameron Communications services include: advertising for television, social media, radio, newspaper, magazine, and billboards, web sites, direct mail, mobile web applications, and email.  They also deliver award winning public relations press releases, press conferences, media relations, television programs, web sites, opinion editorials, promotions, event creation and management, government relations and community relations.

    For more information on Dameron Communications call Carl M. Dameron @ (909) 534-9500.

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